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Brian is lifting weights hardcore as Ted spots him. Ted and Emmett realize that Brian's over-working out because he's feeling a bit inadequate for his child boyfriend. Emmett says he doesn't envy Brian's youth problems. Brian says he doesn't have to, since he's dating someone who's one hundred and three. Emmett says they aren't dating. They just got burgers. "Hey! He can have solids!" Brian says. I think that's probably the best line, and I didn't hear it the first time I watched this episode. Emmett says that George is much nicer than the asshole Brian is. Ted asks if Emmett is going to see the pickle puss again. Emmett cryptically says that when they said good night, they also said goodbye. Ted wonders if Emmett actually liked Mr. Schickle. "Some guys are into prime aged cock," Brian says. Ted tells Brian he'd better hope that Justin is.

Mikey shows up at Ida's house. Ida is a middle-aged man who dresses like an old Jewish woman. He gets out his recipe box of men and tells Mikey not to worry -- Mikey doesn't have to date Ida. He asks Mikey to tell him what Mikey's dream date would be. Mikey describes the physical aspects of his perfect mate. Ida asks him to dig deeper and say what that perfect man is like on the inside. Mikey closes his eyes and says he has to be passionate about life, a survivor with a sense of humor. He has to be charming and kind. Creative, like a writer. Spiritual, like Buddha. Focuses on living in the now, with no time to waste. When Mikey's with his perfect mate, Mikey should feel like a better person. Ida looks through the box, chooses one name, nixes it and chooses another. Ida makes the date for tonight, telling Mikey that he'll know his date when he sees him.

Diner. Justin's boy toy shows up and looks around. Debbie tells him to "start breathing" and take a seat. He admits he's looking for Justin. Justin asks Debbie if he can take a break. Debbie tells him to take all the time he needs but that he should come back in five minutes.

Justin tells his boy that he doesn't know him. The boy says they know each other well and that he missed Justin. Justin tells him not to come there anymore. The boy can't figure out why. He's not such a good actor, this kid. All squinty, moving his head with every word. Justin says they fucked and that's all. The boy says there's more. He tells Justin that he's in love with him. Justin says that he's not in love with the boy. And Justin's character arc has come full circle, and I don't know what they'll do with him now that he's completely turned into Brian. Justin calls the kid "pathetic" and "a lovesick fairy." He tells the kid he's got a lot to learn: "Fags will say anything to get their dick sucked and fuck a nice ass. Then it's on to the next." As Justin walks off, the boy calls him on it, saying that he knows Justin feels something for him. Justin says he didn't feel anything, and that as far as he's concerned, the boy is "yesterday's fuck." The boy runs off in tears and Justin looks pretty satisfied.

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