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My TiVo decided to stop taping here because it thinks this show is only forty-five minutes long on Sundays for some reason, so I missed the very beginning of the next scene, but I think Emmett walks up to the mansion and finds Schecheckle in the garden. He makes a joke about Shchcheckle doing the gardener's work. He's brought a bag of fast food with him. Schechdechlke says that the gardener is good for some things. "It's a new gardener," he laughs. Emmett says he doesn't see how something so small and ugly could contain something so beautiful. He's referring to one of the bulbs they're planting. He says he planted a light bulb when he was a kid, thinking that by spring he'd have a chandelier. Shceckehckle laughs his ass off and calls Emmett charming. Emmett has brought them lunch. Burger Queen again, with extra pickles. Schicklelsgeckhele says, "That's very thoughtful of you, Fetch." Emmett confesses that his name isn't Fetch. Schdckechle says it's nice to meet him. Emmett and Schcechcle sit down. "Why not, right here!" Schechckles says in jubilation.

Fancy restaurant with piano again. Mikey walks in and tells us in a voice-over that he doesn't know how he'll recognize his date when he's never seen him before. Sitting at one of the booths is Ben. The real Ben, not a Ben stand-in or a Ben substitute. Everything clicks for Mikey and he realizes that Ida has set him up with Ben because Ben is the perfect guy for him. Mikey smiles and saunters up to Ben's booth. They make small talk. Mike sits at the booth and laughs about how Ida set them up. Ben doesn't know what he's talking about and says he's not there to see him. Ben's date then walks up. Mikey leaves, humiliated, walking past his own square-jawed date-to-be.

Babylon. Brian and Justin watch everything from the catwalk. "So many men, so little body hair," Brian says. Justin asks if he sees anyone he likes. They pick some random men and decide to go for it. "Or we could go home. Just the two of us," Justin offers. Brian asks about "the game." "Fuck the game," Justin says. Brian pulls Justin in for a kiss. They make out as the camera leaves them and the techno music turns to the piano. Fade to black. I'm exhausted.

Next week, Brian's mom shows up and meets Justin. Mikey brings Ben home again. Lots of mom problems left and right. Moms hate their gay sons.

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