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Rules of Engagement

Breeder party. You can tell by the beers, cigarettes, and letterman jackets. Heavy guitar rock pumps through the smokey room as dudes bob their heads in a most excellent fashion. There are street signs just all over the floor, to show how rebellious and dangerous the dudes are. Justin is miserable. He recoils in horror from some girl checking him out. He tells Daphne he's miserable. Daphne's got pretty hair. Daphne's boyfriend smokes a joint as Justin complains about hetero people. Daphne says that if she has to deal with the people at Woody's, Justin should be able to hang at one party. Justin says the problem is that there's nobody to handle. He puts his beer down on a staircase and walks off. He instantly sees another gay boy with the same forlorn look on his face. They check each other out. Justin smiles, walks over, and puts his hand on the boy's crotch. Well, hello there. Nice to meetcha.

The boys walk into a bedroom (Daphne's room?) and take off their clothes. The boy tells Justin they have to be safe. Justin pulls out a condom and opens it with his teeth. He tells the boy to put it on his dick. The boy asks Justin to "go slowly" because he's a virgin. Justin figured as much. He says he'll take it easy. The boy clutches the bed as they have sex. The camera can't seem to settle anywhere, so it's just a blur of young flesh and the sound of the boy choking on his tongue.

Emmett's watching pouty television with his pouty TV tray. Michael wants Em out of the house because he's got a date, and they might want to fuck on the floor. Emmett says he won't leave any crumbs. He tells Mikey that most people lie on the internet and this date might end up being some old geezer. Mikey tells Emmett that there are still some honest people in the world. He opens the door to see Mr. Schickle. Mikey slams the door in the man's face and tells Emmett that he's right. He says his date's three hundred years old and in a red cardigan. Emmett recognizes his secret admirer and goes to answer the door.

Emmett tells Mr. Schickle that he doesn't like being stalked. Schickle says he went through a lot of trouble to find Emmett. I guess so, since he didn't know Emmett's real name. He tells Emmett that he feels horrible for insulting him. He wants to apologize and return the bracelet to him. Emmett says he doesn't accept gifts from fans. Schickle asks if Emmett will have dinner with him. He says "please" twice. He says he feels horrible for treating Emmett in such a rude and reprehensible matter. Emmett's won over, and agrees to dinner. Schickle laughs at every syllable Emmett says. Emmett sees Michael's date at the door. He's cute in that brown-hair-square-jaw way. Emmett complains that if the guy had shown up a couple of seconds ago, when he was single, it would have been better. Michael walks in. Fireworks. Attraction. Mikey invites the date inside. He enters. They decide to skip the actual date for fucking on the floor. They both announce they're negative and then get to the fucking.

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