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Your Own Private Jizzball

Ben's classroom. Mike finally gets to give his lecture. He starts, "The male figure has been worshipped from Michelangelo's David all the way to Captain Astro." There's even a slide show behind him, showing various comic book heroes dressed like overdeveloped Russian figure skaters. Mike continues on about "strength" and "musculature," but falters. Could be due to the snickering students in the front. Ben nods at him reassuringly. Mike gives his head a shake and sighs, "I'm sorry, you know what? I haven't a clue what homoeroticism in literature means, I just know that The Flash looks good in tights." God rest his soul. Mike says that he started reading comics when he was a kid: "At first, it was fun. I liked the stories, and I liked the pictures. It was a great escape from all the shit -- uh, sorry, the stuff that was bugging me. And my mom didn't want me to read them." But once he realized he was gay, Mike says that he read them for a different reason: "Because, in ways that maybe were not intended, these superheroes were a lot like me. You know, at work they were meek and underappreciated. They were the guys that never get laid --" That gets a laugh. "-- And when they're around other people, they can't let anybody get too close for fear that their true identities would be discovered." But despite all the obstacles they face on a daily basis, the superheroes he read about still survived. Mike concludes, "I believe the same about us. That's what the comics have shown me -- that despite everything, we'll survive. And we'll win." Ben smiles proudly. Oh, please, please, please, don't make him like the Demon. I really want to like this guy.

It's raining in Pittsburgh, and Justin shows up on Debbie's doorstep, drenched to the bone. He asks Debbie if his old room is still available. Debbie says that it is.

Cut to Brian at Woody's, as Debbie tears him yet another asshole. Soon, all he's going to be is one big asshole. Whoops. Too late. Anyway. Blah, hasn't Justin been through enough already blada, Debbie cares about the boy, yawn. All Brian cares about is getting his dick yada yada-ed. Brian tells her to stay out of it. Like that's going to happen. Debbie says that all she wants is to...Brian interrupts, "Interfere?" Debbie reiterates that she doesn't want Justin hurt. Brian says that's life. Debbie shakes her head, saying that Brian thinks he has everyone fooled: "But not me, honey. I've known you too long. And regrettably, too well." Debbie knows that Brian cares as much about Justin as Justin cares about him, only Brian doesn't have the balls to say it. Brian suggests that maybe he could borrow Debbie's. Debbie chuckles, "Whatever it takes. To admit that you love him. And I know you do. Despite all your efforts to never let another heart touch yours. That little persistent kid has somehow gotten under the wire." Debbie asks again if Brian loves Justin. Brian sort of looks away and doesn't answer. Debbie nods that she thought so: "Then tell him. Tell him what you could never say to Michael." A little something in there for both the B/J and B/M shippers. On a second viewing, however, that speech seemed a little spiteful, like, "Don't fuck over this kid like you fucked over my son!" Right. Let's move on, shall we?

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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