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Your Own Private Jizzball

The Babe's. Ben brings Mike a beer, and a book, entitled, "R-U-1-2?" Mike gets it. Ben wrote it. It's his first and last novel, which a reviewer called "a noble effort from a fresh new voice." Ben self-effacingly adds that it was on the remainder table soon afterward. Mike grins that he's never met anyone who wrote a book before. Ben tells him to open it. Inside he's inscribed, "To Michael. Beneath his mild-mannered appearance beats the heart of a superhero." Mike tears up a little. He gives Ben a hug. Aw, come on Mikey, you can do better than that! So, they start making out. Kissing. Unbuttoning each other's shirts. Pants. La, la, la. But Ben suddenly pulls away! Mike's confused. Ben takes a deep breath and says, "I just want you to know. I'm HIV-positive." Bum-bump-bah!

Next week. Melanie doesn't want Lindsay to ask her parents for money for the wedding, even if though they paid for all three of her sister's weddings. Melanie snorts, "You're a dyke. You're marrying a Jew. And you're a registered democrat. Need I say more?" The actual meeting goes about as well as you would expect. The Boys think Ben's hot until Ted tells them that he's HIV-positive. Mike says he knows how to be careful, but no one really believes him. And, oh, man, Debbie's upset about Ben. Vic's upset that Debbie's upset about Ben. Drama-rama! See you next week.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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