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Now Approaching…The Line

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Now Approaching...The Line

Brian's Penthouse. He walks in with This Night's Trick, who's all over him as they walk in the door, leaving it open. "And I'm a top," TNT tells him. "Yeah," Brian replies, "that's what all the biggest bottoms say." Snicker. Brian looks bored, bored, bored. Ho Hum. I'm bored just watching him. Past the two of them, Justin comes bounding up the stairs. "Oh, FUCK," Brian swears. From bored to annoyed in 1.5 seconds. Maybe that's why he continues to tolerate Justin -- however annoying he may be, he's certainly a new experience for Brian. TNT asks who he is, and Brian replies, "That's the President of my fan club." Whoops, don't tell Mikey! Justin tells Brian, "My mom's out of control. She's following me." Brian replies, "That must be an inherited trait." Yeah, it comes with the Drama Gene. Justin continues that he can't go home. And that would be...why, again? Brian tells him he can't stay with him. Justin, who has his Junior Drama Queen of America title to uphold, cries, "There's no where else I can go! Do you want me to sleep on the street?! I could be KILLED!" TNT stalks up to Justin menacingly, and tells him to get lost, "I was here first." Some maternal instinct is triggered, and Brian throws TNT out, instead. I have no idea where that came from, or why. I'm all appreciating the character development and all, but I mean, Gale Harold's face didn't change expression throughout the whole scene. Oh, could Justin be more in love? I don't think so. Brian backs up into the loft and tells Justin, "Look, I told you. I'm not your lover, I'm not your boyfriend, I'm not your partner, and I'm not even your friend. You don't mean anything to me." Justin tells him that he could be, if Brian gave him a chance. Ugh. Brian snickers, "Where did you learn to talk like that? Watching some teen drama?" Justin desperately tells Brian that Justin needshim. Brian, who bears no resemblance to Joey Potter: "You think you need me, because that's what you're taught to think, 'we all need each other.' It's a crock of shit. You're the only one you need, because you're the only one you've got. Brian strokes Justin's face, drawing him closer...and then throws Justin a blanket with his other hand. Psyche! Justin's sleeping on the couch tonight, baby, "and don't jerk off on it." Brian tells him. Justin's bummed. I'm liking Brian more and more.

Morning at the Big Q Mart. Marly walks in on SOL and Mike talking as they're lifting more boxes from here to there. Mike says he's "still stiff." SOL asks, "Stiffer than last night?" Marly tells them to keep it clean. SOL and I both tell her to shut up. Mike says that it's his neck -- he took Tylenol, but it's not working. SOL tells him he needs a chiropractor, and she knows a friend of a friend's chiropractor who used to work for the Steelers. Mike tries to wave it off, but SOL is insistent, in that totally perky way that even cheerleaders can't manage: "You need to take care of yourself," she says, running a finger up his tie. "I can tell, you're not very good at that." Yellow light, there, SOL. You know, Mike is her manager. Why doesn't he just say, "Tracy, you're a great girl, but I'm your boss, and it's just not professional"? He'd probably even get points for integrity or something. But apparently Mike likes the attention. Or he's just an idiot.

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