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Now Approaching…The Line

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Now Approaching...The Line

Justin's school. Jennifer drives up to Justin and a group of his friends. Justin tries to pretend she's not there. So, wait a minute -- Justin's had no parental supervision over the past couple of days, but he's still going to school? What a rebel. Better watch out, Justin, they're going to take away your bad-ass teenager card. Jennifer asks him to not run away from her, she's got a surprise for him, and wants him to come with her. Justin snorts, "Where, to another shrink?" Justin stomps away, but Mrs. Jennifer Taylor of Pittsburgh, Jaguar owner, has good and gotdamn well had enough, thank you very much. She parks the car and runs after him. She screams at him, "Stop running from me, because I'm not running from you!" Thank you! Big Drama Queen Boy. Jennifer tells him that he's still her son and she still loves him, no matter what. Justin may finally be starting to feel like an idiot.

Big Q Mart. Mike gets ambushed in the gardening section by SOL, who hands him a huge gift basket. Keep in mind, he's already carrying a hanging plant around. It's a "Get-Well Basket!" she proclaims, cheerfully. "Ben-Gay, aspirin, hot-water bottle, everything you need for a pulled-muscle." Except a freakin' smaller basket to haul around. Dr. Dave turns the corner, walking up behind Mike. People on this show are ALWAYS doing that. Mike introduces Dr. Dave to Tracy, who then scampers off to do her job, or something. Who cares? Mike tells him that it was great to run into him at the store, Dr. Dave says that it's not a coincidence, Mike told him where he worked. Mike says it was nice for him to come by and check up on him. Dr. Dave replies that it was no problem: "Besides which, I need a screwdriver." Oh, you need a screwdriver. Of COURSE you do. Not a mop, or a new set of dishes. Mike agrees to show him where Hardware is, and Dr. Dave adds that he also wanted to ask Mike out to dinner. Mike's like, "Huh?" Marly takes this moment to interrupt them, because there's some kids in the store being more obnoxious than she is. She gives Dr. Dave the once-over, 'cause he's looking mighty fine, and then skitters off. Mike says that he didn't realize that Dr. Dave was gay, but that no one at the store knows that Mike is, too. How did Dr. Dave know he was gay? Dr. Dave replies, "You know that little problem you had in my office?" Mike: "Yeah, but you said that also happens to football players." Dr. Dave: "Only the gay ones." Well, duh, Mikey.

The Museum. Justin and his mom walk through the galleries, as Jennifer babbles about how much she misses coming to the museum with him. They're getting along pretty well, even after Jennifer implies that she's the reason he's an artist. She encouraged him, she means. Jennifer walks up to a painting of a Victorian-age woman holding her child and tells Justin that it's always been her favorite; in fact, she put it on his birth announcement. Justin's busy checking out a grunge-puppy on the other side of the gallery. He and Grunge Boy exchange the Look of Homosexual Acknowledgement. Jennifer is oblivious. The painting's really pretty, though. A techno beat pumps faintly in the background. Heads up. Sex is coming. Grunge Boy jerks his head out of the gallery, prompting Justin to tell his mother that he has to use the bathroom. Jennifer does a double take when she sees Justin and the other guy walking out of the room together, but decides to not do anything about it. She sits in front of the painting (O! The IRONY) while Justin has sex with Grunge Boy in a stall. Brian would be so proud!

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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