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Vic, Justin, and Jennifer are sitting down to dinner. Debbie's too restless to sit and eat food. She says she's not hungry. Vic tells her to have some wine and celebrate. The doorbell rings as Justin and Jennifer remind Debbie that she got what she wanted and did something the police couldn't do. Debbie moans that Jason Kemp's family still hasn't been found. The cop's at the door. Debbie insults him again. He says that the apartment was empty. Nothing. He had nothing. He tells Debbie that they found his mother. She's been dead since he was a kid. Dumpster Boy went from foster home to foster home and then lived on the streets until he died. It's hard to get prescription medicine when you're homeless. Debbie is saddened to hear about Dumpster Boy's hard life. I wonder when they'll start looking for the murderer. Vic asks if he wants to come in for dinner. He doesn't. Jennifer and Justin go back in to eat. Debbie tells him that it was kind of him to come by. She asks if he'd like to come in. He says he'll keep her posted. "Do that," she says. He leaves. She stares at nothing for a long time and then shuts the door.

Michael and Ben are dancing their lack of cares even further away. Well, Ben's dancing and Michael's arms are flapping on Ben's shoulders. Brian walks up, and Ben asks if Brian wants to cut in. Brian says he's just passing through. Ben pushes Brian into Michael's arms. Well, dude, it was totally your doing. He even winked at Michael, like, "Fuck him. He can come twice in one go!" Brian asks Michael what he thinks of some kid at the bar. Michael beams that he already did him. Says he can't tell any more than that because of Gay Etiquette, which Ben already broke. They dance with their arms around each other. The camera spins above them and we see everyone trying to keep the same beat that nobody can hear.

Next week Debbie's old boyfriend, who's a drag queen, comes to town. Gosh, he looks like Mikey! Gus doesn't get into his special school because he has two mommies, so Brian pretends to be Gus's father. Lindsay and Brian do more mugging down. It's the "Who's Your Daddy" episode!

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