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"Ooh, Look, Honey! A Little Skit!"

Emmett pointedly makes a sandwich. Why can't anyone on this show do something without such deliberation? It's like, "I'M MAKING MY LUNCH!" All Crispin Glover in Wild at Heart. I'm PLAYING THE VIOLIN! I'm BREAKING UP WITH MY BOYFRIEND! I'm HAVING A CRUSH ON MY BEST FRIEND! I'm WEARING A WIG! I'm AN INVISIBLE BABY BOY! I mean, why the huffing while making a giant sandwich? Emmett tells Michael that Ted said he wants to be more than just friends. I guess it's supposed to be right after their dinner, because Michael says he thought Emmett already ate. Em says he couldn't eat after Ted's confession. Neither could I. This next part is so retardedly lame that I'm just going to write it down and leave it alone, or it might end up turning into a three-page rant. Michael: "So, what did you say?" Emmett (with an eye-roll): "'Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.'" Michael: "Sure!" Em: "No. I mean, to him. I was drinking a lot of water." How was that not cut? Em wonders what he's going to do. Michael's too busy with his own problem to care, really. He tells Em to ask himself whether he has feelings for Ted. Em says he has warm, fuzzy feelings, but in a friendly way. Not "those" kind of feelings. Michael says that Em will just have to bite the bullet and tell Ted. Ben just walks into the apartment, which always makes me wonder what apartment we're visiting here. Ben asks if he can make a sandwich, since he didn't get dinner. Michael scolds Ben for not eating. Ben is ducking into the bathroom, presumably to make his sandwich, and tells Michael the "good news": there might be someone interested in subletting his apartment. Ben leaves. Michael pouts. Em gives Michael the "bite the bullet" advice, right back at him.

Justin enters the loft and tries to make it seem like he chose Brian, and not that Ethan threw him out on his ass. He slowly walks up to the bed where Brian is. He starts taking off his clothes. Brian watches. Justin walks closer to the bed. They stare at each other. Justin takes off his clothes. Brian lifts the sheet. Justin crawls into the bed and spoons with Brian, facing away. Neither says a word, since there's nothing left for them to say to each other.

Sweaty Michael and Ben have just finished some kind of sex act, or so the sweat on their chests and foreheads would like us to think. Ben is lying down while Michael is sitting in the most unflattering position of all time. He looks like a little man-woman hunched over the foot of the bed like a gargoyle. Ben forces himself to call Michael "baby." Michael says that Tibet is far away. He asks if doctors are there. Ben says that he's been checking it out, and Tibet's pretty modern now. He says he's not going to live his life in fear. Michael reminds Ben that six months is a long time. Ben asks if Michael doesn't want him to go. Michael says he knows the trip is important to Ben. Ben says he's not going to go unless Michael's okay with it. He kisses Michael's arm. Michael looks around and then says, "No. No, this is not about what I want. This is about what you need. So, go. With my blessing and approval." Oh, whew! The tension on that was so long and drawn-out! I was almost concerned there for a second that we were going to have something to talk about for the next eight months.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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