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"Ooh, Look, Honey! A Little Skit!"

Ben sits at the diner reading about tantric Buddhism. Debbie says she's heard about "that stuff," and knows how it's supposed to give you longer orgasms. She jokes that Danielle Steel does it for her. Ben says he'd better get to the PASSPORT OFFICE!!! Debbie goes running after Ben out in the street, forgetting her job and everything. She hands him a package of lemon bars in case he gets hungry later. Ben thanks her. They hug and kiss because they've fallen in such love with each other over the past six days in which Debbie has come to completely accept and love Ben for who he is. She says that he won't get lemon bars in Tibet. He says he'll miss them. "I bet you're gonna miss a lot of things," Debbie says. Then once again they remind us that six months is a long time. Debbie says it's a long time for Michael to have to wait. Ben says that he talked it over with Michael and that everything's going to be fine. He says that Michael might even be better off not having Ben around to worry about. "So, you're doing him a favor?" Debbie asks. "What the fuck is that? Some kind of noble self-sacrifice?" Ben says that Michael would have an easier ride if he was gone. "Who says love's an easier ride -- General Motors?!" Jesus, fuck, this writing. People, she'll be here all week. Try the veal. Pwing!!! Is this thing on? I said, General Motors! General Motors! Hello? Hello? Debbie says that Ben's not doing Mike a favor by leaving. She asks if Ben's strong enough to see this through. She leaves. So does Ben. I wish I were drunk again.

Rage party. It's kicking. The same people who are always at Babylon on a Friday night are here again, but this time it's all for Rage. People dance holding comic books over their heads. Did they pay for those, or were they free? Why would you dance holding a comic book over your head, anyway? Vic hands Debbie and Jennifer a Ragetini and a Zepherpolitan. Mel, Lindz, and Daphne are the only other women allowed in Babylon tonight. Everybody talks about how great Brian is to throw this party. It's the same party they always have here, but with a giant cut-out of Brian and masks for everybody to wear. Em tries to get Ted to joke with him, but now Ted has to be obvious in the complete opposite direction, so he mumbles and leaves like a total drama queen. Daphne calls Justin a star. Justin's not wearing a mask. Debbie and Jennifer both say the word "fuck," so we know that Jennifer's character has done a complete arc this season. Tuck that storyline away.

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