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Pride and Prejudice

Mike and Emmett's. Emmett, Mike, and Ted watch on television as drag queens and other queer folk fill the streets of Liberty Avenue. The Boys are passing the time playing Scrabble. Ted spells "Cockatoo" C-O-C-A-T-W-O. Mike's like, isn't that spelled wrong? Ted demurs, "Not if you're having more than one." Hee. Emmett can barely look at the screen, and asks if they can turn it off. Ted tells him just not to watch. Emmett's like, fine. Ted and Mike can't stop watching, though, and finally Emmett turns off the television himself. He looks over at Godiva's dress, which is hanging on the door. Mike thinks Emmett should go to Pride for a little while; it might make him feel better. Emmett can't stand it without Godiva. But they can go, if they want. Mike says he's not going. Ted thinks he should go, if only to make Debbie happy. Mike's like, now, how can I do that? Emmett exhorts him to be brave! Godiva did it. Mike reminds him that Godiva was a drag queen. Emmett points out that Godiva also used to say, "It takes more courage to wear a dress for an hour than it does to wear a suit for a lifetime." Mike pouts that he's obviously not as brave as Godiva was. No shit. Suddenly, Emmett has a brillant idea! "There is one way you could go to the parade and no one will know." Mike's like, no way, man. Ted thinks this is great, intoning, "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." Emmett holds Godiva's dress up to Mike, as Ted holds him down. Mike screams.

Woody's. Poole walks in the door and is shocked at all the gayness. He finds Brian in front of the "Pool Boy" sign. Poole stammers, "What is this place?" It's a gay bar, you tool! Sheesh. Poole wants to know why Brian wanted to meet him there. Brian grins, "I want to introduce you to the hottest new drink on the market: 'Pool Boy.'" Brian explains that after he gave Poolside Coolers a new name and changed the look, he can't keep the stuff in stock. Poole is outraged. Brian points out that he's saving Poole's ass. Poole snaps, "I don't want my ass saved by these people!" Brian's like, yeah, you do: "In fact, you should have been marketing to them in the first place -- their money's as green as the next." Poole growls, "Well, they can keep their money." Brian snorts, "Tell that to your shareholders on Monday -- that you turned your back on a consumer market with an annual disposable income of hundreds of billions of dollars." Around them, men are drinking it up. Brian says he's willing to help Poole reach that market, in exchange for a big contribution, to something like, I don't know, The Gay Marriage Initiative? He opens up a bottle of Papaya Sauvignon and hands it to Poole. Poole looks around surreptitiously, then swigs it down.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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