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Pride and Prejudice

P-FLAG group. Debbie's wearing a shoulder-length pink wig that makes her look like one of Rainbow Brite's little friends. Behind her, Justin and Jennifer march together. Jennifer says that she didn't realize that there were so many. Justin's like, what, queers? Jennifer meant so many people. Jennifer squeezes her son's hand and tells him that she's proud of him. Justin grins, "I'm proud of you, too, Mom." Aww!

A drag queen -- dressed in Godiva's dress, a gold stole, and a blonde wig -- walks up in step with Debbie. Debbie lets her know that she's probably with the wrong group. Then Debbie gets a good look. It's Michael! And I, personally, thought Hal Sparks was unrecognizable. And gorgeous. And tall. What are those, five-inch heels? Vic and Emmett cheer from the sidelines. Debbie is ecstatic. She tries to hug Mike, but he cautions her about his makeup. Hee! He sees the Q-Martyers across the street, and tells Debbie that he'll be right back. The Truck Guys, Tracy, and Andrew try not to laugh when the beautiful she-male walks up to them. Mike drawls, "Hiya, boys!" Tracy recognizes him, I think. Mike asks, "So which one of you is a real man?" The Truck Guys, who seem a little overexcited -- but they've got to realize that Mike couldn't be a real woman, right? -- proclaim that they all are. Andrew skeptically asks, "What about you?" Mike grins, "You tell me." And lays a big kiss on Andrew. The Truck Guys and Tracy just laugh and laugh. Andrew's in shock. Mike winks and says, "See you, lover boy."

Later, at Woody's, Ted repeats Brian's line to himself like a mantra. Emmett overhears him, and is like, what?! Ted explains. Mike laughs, "That'll get you into trouble, for sure." Ted hopes so. Ted keep repeating it, until another blond cutie stops and is all, excuse me?! Mike and Emmett turn away. Ted's all, ah, um, er, nothing. Blondie wishes him a happy Pride, anyway, and asks how he's doing. Ted grins, "I was going to ask you the same thing." Ted asks if he can buy the cutie a drink. Blondie says sure. Happy endings are cool.

A group of men wearing rainbow leis and tight black short shorts salute each other and down multiple shots. Brian rolls his eyes: "I'll be glad when Pride's over and we can all go back to being ashamed." Justin snorts that Brian's just grumpy that no one hit on him because he was holding Gus. Brian replies that he got hit on plenty: "Unfortunately, they all happened to be lesbians who wanted my sperm." Justin says that now is his chance, and points out a couple that's all about giving Brian The Look. Justin kisses Brian on the shoulder and starts to head out. Brian asks where he's going. Justin replies, "I'm leaving you to your wicked ways. Go find a stud, ask him to dance." Brian thinks about it, throwing another glance at the Dynamic Duo.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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