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Pride and Prejudice

Outside Woody's. People dance in the streets as ABBA plays on a loudspeaker somewhere. Justin wanders through them until suddenly, he hears Brian's voice behind him call, "Hey, Stud!" Justin turns and Brian asks, "Wanna dance?" Aww, Brian decided he'd rather hang out with Justin than bore us to death with random sex acts. He's just the sweetest thing, these days. Justin can't quite believe it, and Brian adds, "I promise you won't forget this one." Fuzzies! They slow dance and kiss as the camera turns 'round and 'round them. On the steps, there's a fierce, black (I don't think they come another way, actually) drag queen. Ted is dancing with his cutie. Mike ambles up, and Brian drags him over to dance with him and Justin. Then the music changes to something faster, and Liberty Avenue boogies down into the credits.

Next week: Ted can't stop jerking off, so Mike and Emmett stage an "intervention." Later, Ted decides to start his own porno website. Justin's having trouble in art class, and ends up quitting school. No one else is particularly happy with that choice.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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