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Pride and Prejudice

Big Q-Mart. Mike's directing a truck as it backs up onto the loading dock. Tracy ambles up, with Olive Oyl's haircut. Who'd she have to piss off to warrant that? Tracy asks Mike about his "big" plans for the weekend. Mike, perhaps distracted by her new hairstyle, isn't sure what she's talking about. Hello? PrideFest? Tracy asks if he's going. Mike grouses that he's marching with his mom, as a matter of fact. Tracy notices his non-excitement. Mike confirms his non-excitement, because he's afraid that he'll be seen by some of the other Q-Martyrs. Tracy understands, especially since a group from the store is going to the parade. Mike's so flummoxed by this news that he takes his attention off the truck. And the truck smashes into the loading dock, just as Andrew walks out. Andrew shakes his head: "It's going to cost you, Novotny!" Shut up, Andrew. The two guys in the truck get out and reassure Mike that it's nothing. One guy shrugs, "You've got more important things on your mind. You two got something going on, this weekend?" Tracy grins wider than a church door. Mike shoots her a look and says no, not really. Truck Guys invite the non-couple to accompany them to the "Pansy Parade." Seeing as heterosexual men are still homophobic and evil and all. Mike says that it's "not his scene." The other Truck Guy snaps, "Like it's ours?" Andrew snorts that they just want to "check out the freaks." The first Truck Guy says, "It's the best party in town." Both Truck Guys are surprised that Mike's never been.

The Happy Fun Garage. Leda and Melanie uncover Mel's long-neglected motorcycle, which I'm told is a British BSA. Leda ribs her about hiding it in the garage, but Melanie explains that she let the insurance expire, and just like a grown-up, decided she couldn't drive it anymore. Leda grins evilly and suggests that they ride with Dykes on Bikes at the parade. Melanie doesn't think she can. Leda's like, sure you can! She just needs to get a permit, "polish up the old bitch," and she's there. Lindsay walks in and informs Leda that she and Mel are supposed to march with the Marriage Initiative group. Leda says she understands, but you can tell she really doesn't: "You gotta do your thing. Still...it would be such a shame to keep such a beauty out of commission and under wraps." Melanie looks shyly over at Lindsay, who is completely stone-faced.

Babylon! Go-go dancers in neon-colored briefs wave large rainbow flags high in the hair. Ted's at his usual spot at the bar, trying to make conversation with men who ignore him. Brian's brought sample bottles of Poolside for the Boys to try. They're available in Papaya Sauvignon, Kiwi Chardonnay, and Melon Merlot. Yummy! "So wretched, you'll want to puke," Brian grimaces, after taking a swallow. "Not even a fucking piss-queen would want to swallow this shit." Naturally, Emmett comes up, takes a sip, and thinks it's delicious. Brian just shakes his head. Mike asks how Brian's going to get people to buy it. Brian says he'll think of something, and is suddenly fascinated by one of the go-go dancers. More so than usual, I mean. Mike shrugs and trots off.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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