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Pride and Prejudice

Brian's loft. Brian takes pictures of a blond, muscular HDGB standing in the middle of the floor. The HDGB is wearing a pair of well-filled swimming trunks, a diving mask, and an inflatable pool chaise (which I couldn't remember the name of -- thanks trudi, lawtalkin'guy). He poses. Brian takes pictures. He poses. Brian takes some more pictures.

Later, Brian edits the pictures on his computer, and prints them on a label called "Pool Boy." The Pool Boy in the loft saunters up to Brian, licking his lips. Hmm. I wonder what he wants. Brian opens up his zipper. Pool Boy puts on his diving goggles, 'cause he's going down, baby! But seriously, if you agree to pose for that long, shouldn't someone be checking your filter?

The P-FLAG P-Arade P-Reparations. Everyone's painting signs for the big day. Justin's working on one with both hands. When Vic praises his work, Justin agrees that he's getting better: "Brian's been helping me with my exercises." Mike just bets he is. Justin gets Mike back for that remark by painting a pink mustache on him. Mike grumps off. Vic reminisces about his first Pride March, after the Stonewall Riots. He says there were only about twenty-five people marching that first year.Vic snorts, "You think coming out is tough now, you should have done it back then." Behind them, Debbie and Jennifer unfurl the main banner, as everyone applauds. Debbie also unveils a special t-shirt she had made in honor of her first march with Michael -- it's bright purple, with "My Gay Son Makes Me So Proud!" written in big white letters, with a happy face underneath. Mike's horrified. Jennifer thinks it's adorable. Justin makes his Mom swear she didn't get one. Seriously. Mike meekly asks Debbie if she wants a doughnut. Debbie rolls her eyes and snaps, "You're not!" Mike's like, I didn't say anything! Debbie retorts that he didn't have to. He's going to back out of marching with her. Why? Mike says he can't do it: "It's easy for you to wave banners and march around. You've got nothing to lose. Hell, you're not even gay!" Debbie replies that she's the next best thing, "and [she's] damn proud of it." She stalks over to Justin and sticks a finger in his face, snapping, "You'd better be marching!" Justin's like, uh, yes, ma'am!

Brian's loft. Brian sits on the edge of the couch as Lindsay paces. Brian asks, "Smart?" Lindsay confirms it. Brian nods, "Sexy?" Lindsay anguishes, "Yes!" Brian grins, "Pierced pussy?" Oh. Ow. Lindsay's like, how would she know? Brian adds, "In other words, the legendary Leda lives up to her legend." Lindsay pouts, "Better. Compared to her, I'm a bland, flabby hausfrau." Well, that's just silly. Lindsay doesn't wear a bra better than anyone I know. Brian smirks, "It's not your fault that you're not as tight as you once were." Lindsay curses him out, and pushes him over on the couch. Girl fight! Brian sighs, "Don't worry, some women are attracted to stretch marks." That's it. Lindsay straddles him and starts to tickle. Brian gives as good as he gets. They're both laughing hysterically on the couch when Pool Boy walks by. Lindsay jumps up. Brian hands Pool Boy some money. Pool Boy thanks him and bails. Lindsay snickers, "Paying for it, now? I suppose older gentlemen have to do that!" Brian snaps, "I know this might be harder to swallow than his ten-inch dick, but 'Poolside' has just become 'Pool Boy.'" Yeah, like Brian's mouth went anywhere near this guy's ten-inch anything. Lindsay's not a big fan of the cooler. Neither is Brian, "but once the fags see this label, they'll want to lap him up." Lindsay asks whether he knows who the owner is, and reminds Brian once again that Poole's, uh, anti-gay people. Brian shrugs, "What he does with his money is his own business." Lindsay's shocked: "Except when it hurts us. Then it's our business!" Brian points to the bottle and says that is his business.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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