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Pride and Prejudice

Brian's. Mike escorts a drunken Brian into the loft as he rants about Pool Boy. How all the HDGBs slurped it up. And the best part? The owner is an evil homophobe. Did you know that? It's hard to see what's etched on the side of a hammer when it's hurtling towards your head. Mike, too, is shocked that Brian would work for someone like that. Brian says that it's "for the pure poetic irony. Cool, huh? Or should I say, 'cooler.'" He stops when Justin creeps out of the shadows and quivers, "I saw him. Chris Hobbes." Brian thinks Justin had a bad dream. Justin says that he saw Chris at the hospice, working off his community service. Talk about poetic irony. Brian asks if Chris said anything. Justin quakes, "He said he hopes I get AIDS and die." Brian gives Justin a big hug and tells him to forget about it. Yeah, good luck with that. He tells Justin that he should get some sleep, 'cause tomorrow's going to be a big day. It's PrideFest, you know. Justin says he's not going. Brian's like, you can't miss your first Pride! Justin snaps, "What am I supposed to be proud of? That I got bashed and didn't die?" Behind Brian, Mike mutters, "If he doesn't want to go, don't make him." Brian snarls at him to stay out of it. Mike nods, "Sure, although you have to admire the pure, poetic irony of seeing someone like you encourage him to go to Pride when --" and he picks up the cooler -- "this is what you're proud of." Brian throws it back at Mike: "And what are you proud of, that you're piss-in-your-pants afraid to march with your own goddamn mother?" "Fuck you!" Mike screams, and storms out. Justin wanders off to the darkest corner he can find to whimper in.

Lindsay and Gus in front of the Happy Fun House. Lindsay's decked out in suburban glory, wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt, with a tan cap pulled over her hair. Gus is wearing rainbow knit pants and a rainbow knit cap, and his stroller is festooned with balloons. Cu-ute! Lindsay coos over him, "Look at you, my rainbow baby. Are you ready to go to the parade and see all the people?" Gus pays her no attention whatsoever. I love baby actors. Then Leda pulls up on her Hog. She walks up and grins, "Nice day for a parade, huh?" She grins even wider when she sees Gus, and she coos at him, too. Lindsay tells her that Melanie's already gone for a practice run on her motorcycle, so she's not here, and they're leaving, so.... Leda calls after her, "Look, I'm sorry if things got fucked up, but I didn't force her." Lindsay sniffs that Leda didn't stop her, either: "That bike was practically forgotten until you had to remind her." And this makes it Leda's fault? Leda rolls her eyes: "Something tells me that it was in her thoughts long before I blew into town." Lindsay wants to know why she would think that. Leda's like, why don't you tell me? Lindsay pouts, "Perhaps because riding a motorcycle beats the shit out of cleaning up baby puke and nursing earaches." Leda laughs, "Of course it does! But that's not why you're together -- for a few cheap thrills." Lindsay sighs that she hasn't seen Melanie that excited in a long time, though. Leda smiles, "She just needed to feel all that horsepower roaring between her legs one more time. Then it's back to the garage for another six years." Lindsay's not so sure. Leda tells her to try it sometime. Who knew Leda was even cooler than she looks?

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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