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Down in the Dumps

Outside Babylon. Brian has picked up a trick. Justin follows, asking where they're going. Brian doesn't know if his new toy's name is Tony, Tommy, or Timmy, so he calls him all three names and says he's going over to his new friend's house to see his stamp collection. Justin asks the guy's name. The guy's all, "What's it to you?" as the camera swirls around. Justin asks Brian to come home with him. Brian asks if Justin's scared he's going to get murdered. Justin laughs and says of course he isn't. "While we're young?" the trick asks as he walks off. "I'll be all right," Brian says with spooky fingers as he backs away. Brian and TommyTonyTimmy walk into pink fog very slowly as Chemical Brothers (I think) blast for what must be about three minutes straight. They walk in slow-motion in perfect unison like Top Gun and Armageddon in one.

Next time Mel and Lindz have wacky wedding hijinx.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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