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Babylon. Everybody's dancing holding water bottles. Justin and Brian appear to be doing some kind of drug. Ted's trying to get Michael to cheer up, finally, about the whole Captain Astro thing. Brian teases Michael for crying about it. Michael's pretty defensive. Ted suggests Mikey take a drink. Justin suggests Mikey take drugs. Brian suggests Mikey take a boy. Michael reminds everyone that he's seeing somebody. They all tell Michael that he's not really seeing anyone, since he's not getting married, he and Ben don't live together, and they don't have a firm commitment. Michael says he doesn't want the same arrangement Brian and Justin have. Justin points out a dancing boy and asks if Brian likes him. Brian thinks he's too tall. The next one's too hairy. They make a Goldilocks and the Three Bears joke. Justin tells Mikey and Ted that both he and Brian have to agree on the guy before they get to take someone home. They see Emmett and his Pickle. Justin calls Pickle the "Crypt Keeper." Hee. Michael says that Pickle should be exactly Justin's type: old and not too hairy. Brian is unamused. Emmett introduces Pickle to the group. It's only awkward until Pickle says he's pretty sure he knows everybody from Emmett's stories. He calls Ted the "entrepreneur," and thanks him for showing him Emmett. He calls Mikey "the devoted friend." He calls Justin courageous. He recognizes Brian as the "love child of James Dean and Ayn Rand." The boys love it when someone talks about them, so they toss their ageism aside as Brian offers to buy Pickle a drink. Emmett's brought Pickle out to dance, and pulls Pickle away to the dance floor. Suddenly, Emmett's friends love the Pickle, because the Pickle talked about them. Emmett and Pickle dance. Justin asks whether they think Pickle and Emmett are "actually doing it." Brian asks if Justin has a problem with older men, since Justin's looking at themselves in about fifteen years. Pickle screams that this is just like a dream and he can't believe what he's been missing. "Me neither!" Emmett says, and they dance into blissful happiness.

Justin points out another possible candidate. Brian likes him and asks how Justin always knows his type. Justin makes a crack to the effect that all older men are the same. They look at each other strangely, letting us know that they're eventually going to break up because this is the seventeenth time there's been a crack about their age difference, and Justin seems to keep bringing it up. Brian watches Justin set up his sex date. As Justin and the trick dive into the crowd, Justin turns and makes an excited face at Brian.

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