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Mel asks Lindz when she's coming to bed. Lindsay says there's one letter left. Mel sits on the coffee table in their living room and picks up the letter. It's never been opened. Mel rips the envelope open and reads the letter to Lindsay. It's from Vera. Her husband died after fifty years of marriage. At the funeral, she couldn't stop thinking about what her life could have been like if she had left her husband to be happy with Grannie Faye, like they were that day on the beach when they were allowed to be truly happy. She says she's always loved Faye, and after all these years, she still does. Lindsay tells Melanie that the later is postmarked March 10, 1994. Grannie Faye died in 1992 and never got to read that letter and know that Vera always loved her. Mel says she's suddenly in the mood for surf and turf and should go balls-out for their "special day." The girls kiss on the couch as Mel crawls into Lindsay's lap. "Grannie Faye would have wanted us to," Mel concludes.

Michael stands on a rooftop overlooking Babylon. He's depressed. Ben's on the rooftop. I wish one of them would walk over and fix the camera, because it's set crooked. Michael says he can't believe that all of those people are just back to normal, having fun and nothing stopped. Nobody took any time to grieve with a protest or a vigil. Is he talking about Captain Astro here? Because if he is it's so fucking selfish and wrong. They wouldn't have a vigil over the dumpster kid since nobody knows how or why he died yet. Ben says that people don't want to think about death, gay-bashing, or AIDS. Michael asks if now they're just supposed to go dancing, drinking, and get their dicks sucked. "He deserves to be remembered," Michael pouts. "At least for a minute." I do think he's talking about Captain Astro, y'all. Why doesn't Michael just tell Ben that he's really upset because he's worried nobody will stop for Ben if he dies? Then at least we can deal with real emotions and relationships instead of ignoring a real death that happened right below where they're standing. Ben grabs his Zippo and lights it, saying they'll have their own candlelight vigil. Pretty lame, Ben. Michael says that anybody can pick up the wrong guy, get on the wrong plane, or step off the curb at the wrong time. He asks if Ben ever gets scared. Ben says he meditates, does yoga, and exercises all the time so he has a little peace of mind. He says having someone to hold at night helps as well. Michael smiles. Ben puts his arm around him. We focus on the Zippo's flame. The camera is knocked on its side in the distance, Blair Witch-style.

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