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Back in Pittsburgh, The Boys plus Justin are gathered around Debbie's kitchen table. Debbie's sporting the anti-Sanrio shirt; hers has a caricature of a little devil, above which is written, "Hello Satan." Debbie says that she's talked to Jennifer, and that Justin's moving in with her and Vic. Mike's upset. Debbie asks why the hell he cares, since he's moving in with David. Mike whines, "It's still my room. It's still got some of my things in it!" Debbie replies, reasonably, "Well, maybe you'd like to move some of your things out. Sunshine's going to need the closet space." Justin and Brian are trying not to laugh. Mike yells at Brian, "This is all your fault! Thanks a fucking lot!" Debbie points out, "Brian finally did something right." Brian kisses her on the cheek, saying that's the sweetest thing she's ever said to him. She tells him to not press his luck. Justin rolls his eyes at Mike, and says, "Don't worry, I promise I'll take care of [your room]." Mike threatens to do unscheduled checks. Debbie shoos Mike and Brian out so that she can "explain the rules of the house to the newest member of our family." Justin winces, "More rules?" Debbie wisely nods her head, and intones, "Starting with -- no bringing tricks home after midnight." Justin frowns in despair.

The next morning, at his house, David asks Mike about the trip. Mike says that he didn't really get a chance to see much of the city, and David laughs, "Well, in a way, I'm glad. It gives me a chance to show it to you, myself." Control Freak Alert! David asks, "Can I --" and Mike finishes, "-- get me something to eat?" David tells Mike that he just finished his sentence. Mike shrugs and apologizes. David tells him that it was nice. Mike says that he's been thinking about David's offer, and that, even though he loves David, he's just not ready. David, hurt, says that he understands: "All the excitement, the adventure of taking off with your friends to New York. Being with Brian. All the memories, the history -- I can't compete with that. No, all I have to offer is me. Us. This home." What the hell is he talking about? Mike asks if they could still be boyfriends. David says that they could be: "But I don't want a boyfriend, Michael, I want a partner." Ouch. Michael, holding back tears, nods woefully. He walks out, after turning back for one last look. David, in the living room, fantasizes about walking into the shower and finding Mike. Fantasy Mike apologizes for waking him, and invites him to come on in. Fantasy David wraps his arms around Fantasy Mike and asks, "So, what are we going to do on this beautiful Sunday morning?" Fantasy Mike answers, "Well, I thought we'd make some breakfast, get the paper, and spend the rest of the day in bed." Cut back to Real David, who murmurs painfully, "Just what I had in mind."

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