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Brian's loft. Justin's giving Daphne (yay! Daphne's back) the grand tour. Daphne's impressed, cause the TV is huge! And Brian has a DVD player! And the furniture's Italian. From Milan. That's in Italy, you know. Justin tells her, "Wait until you see the picture of the naked guy." Just then, Brian opens the bathroom door...naked. Daphne gets some full-frontal Brian, and is understandably flummoxed. Me, too, damn it, her head's in the way. Daphne, move your -- darn it! Brian frowns at her and asks to have a word with Justin. Justin's fairly amused by all this, and joins him back in the bathroom. Brian asks what's going on; Justin explains that he was showing Daphne around. Brian snaps, "This is not the White House! George Washington never slept here." As Daphne surreptitiously checks out Brian's butt, Justin snerks, "He's the only one who hasn't." Brian tells him to keep it down: "Do you have any idea what time it is?" Yeah. It's noon. Crap! Brian was supposed to meet his new trainer in an hour! Brian pushes Justin out of the way so that he can get ready. Justin walks back to Daphne and snorts, "You're just going to have to be more considerate, Daph." Hee. Brian asks whether either of them knows how to make a creatine and soy protein shake. Of course they don't. I've never even heard of "creatine" before. Brian orders Justin to go pour him some guava juice instead. Justin shrugs and heads to the kitchen, Daphne adorably following him. I just love that girl. I can't help it. Daphne asks Justin if he's going home, and Justin asks her what for. Daphne says that she saw balloons on the mailbox, and Justin remembers that it's his little sister's birthday. Justin's not sure he can go back after all that's happened. I can't believe Jennifer didn't mention it or invite him. That's kind of weird. What happened to her "tear down this wall!" philosophy? Brian walks up to the kids, and Daphne hands him his guava juice, smiling shyly. Brian smiles at her, "You'd make an excellent wife." Turning to Justin, he adds, "Then she can dump you." Why wait? Justin swats him. Daphne wrinkles her nose and replies, "Please. I'm never going to get married. Why be tied down?" Brian grins, "I love this girl." Join the club. Brian puts on his sunglasses, grabs his gym bag, and asks Justin what he's going to do today. Justin shrugs, "Smoke some weed. Download porn." I'm not sure if he's kidding. Brian replies, "Well, if you go out, just make sure you set the alarm." Brian kisses Daphne on the cheek, says, "Bye-bye, Darling" to Justin, and takes off. Daphne's one big giggle. "He's to die for!" she tells Justin. See, this is how an addiction to bad boys gets started. You meet one, and he's exciting and nice and cool, but then he disappears before he can show his true asshole colors, and then you're forever walking the earth searching for another one. But of course, when you find another one, eventually they go all Vader on you, and you don't understand why. Oooh, I hate Brian.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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