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Liberty Diner. Daphne and Justin are having lunch. "You're such a big dramatic queen," Daphne drawls. Justin rolls his eyes: "That's 'drama queen.'" He asks if she has a better idea; she offers to put him up at her place. Justin says that her parents would be thrilled. Daphne asks what he's going to do in New York, and Justin unveils his plan to go to Chelsea and become a model or a go-go boy. He says he could make a hundred bucks a night. Actually, he could make way more than that. I used to live with a go-go dancer in L.A., and that boy made bank. Daphne says that she could come too, and Justin laughs, joking, "That would be great! You and me!" Daphne adds, "Except. I have to be home by eleven." Sigh. It's always something. Justin says that he's going, and that he's already bought a plane ticket. Using Brian's credit card. Daphne reminds him that's a felony, and that he could go to jail if he gets caught. Justin shrugs, "At least then I'd have a place to live." He says that he'll pay Brian back once he gets a job, but he's got to get out of town immediately.

Woody's. Mike's just told The Boys about The Old Guys. Emmett, predictably, wants to know if they still "do it." Mike says that, at their age, "it's not about sex." Brian scoffs, "Yeah, it's about life support." Ted adds that it's possible to have an active sex life at any age, and Brian replies, "Good, that means there's still hope for you." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Move on. Brian turns to Mike and asks, "So, when are you and the Doc going to start massaging each other's prostates?" Ew. Emmett snaps at Brian to back off; Michael's having enough trouble making a decision. Out of nowhere, a voice says, "Then why don't you consult Mysterious Marilyn?"

The Boys turn to see a drag queen in a long brown wig, sitting at the bar. "What'll it be, boys?" she continues. "Palms, tarot, spin around the Ouija? Only twenty bucks." Ted shrugs, walks over, and offers her "ten [bucks] and not a peso more." The drag queen replies, "Mysterious Marilyn senses you're an accountant." Emmett gasps, "Oh, she's good!" and also runs over. Mysterious Marilyn tells Michael -- who she calls "the one with the boyfriend" -- to sit next to her at the bar. Putting Mike's hand on the little plastic magnifying glass thingy (I don't know what it's called, ouija boards creep me out ["It's called a planchette." -- Wing Chun]), she asks the board the name of Mike's true love. Mike's eyes go about ten times normal size as the board slowly spells out B...R...I.... Mike pulls his hands up, exclaiming that that's not his boyfriend's name. That wasn't the question, Marilyn points out: "And, frankly, he's a bad bet." Wow, she is good. She says that now they're going to ask about David.

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