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Just as Mike and Marilyn are about to start, Daphne shows up and angrily tells Brian that Justin's run away. Wait a minute -- she was all giggly about it a couple of hours ago. Is this some kind of set-up, or did she just come to her senses? Daphne says that Justin went to New York. Marilyn helpfully adds, to Brian, "With your credit card." Looking over at Marilyn, Daphne does a double take, like, "How did he, she? What the? Anyways..." Brian swears. Marilyn, consulting a tarot card, muses, "He's going to become a go-go boy in Chelsea. And he's going to be very successful." Daphne asks how Marilyn knows, and she sighs, "God writes the scripts, sweetie. I just say the lines." Ha! Daphne shakes her head, and then turns back to Brian and orders, "You better find him and bring him back." Marilyn, not one to mind her own business, says she sees Brian on the Pennsylvania turnpike. Brian snorts, "Yeah, the fuck you do!" Marilyn tells him to be sure to check the air in his tires before he goes. Daphne snaps at Brian, "This is all your fault!" and punches him in the shoulder.

Cut to the punch, but now it's someone else's hand. Brian yelps, and the camera pulls back to show Debbie this time, repeating, "This is all your fault!" Brian asks since when Justin is his responsibility, and Debbie yells, "Since you took him home and fucked him!" As many times as people keep saying it, I'm just not buying it. Sorry. Mike tries to get her to calm down, but Debbie continues, "You've gotten away with a lot -- more than you should -- but not this time." She orders him to go to New York and bring "Sunshine" back: "Otherwise, it's not just his parents and the police you're going to have to answer to, honey. You're going to have to answer to me!" Mike, snappish, asks her why she even cares, and his mother replies, "Because I couldn't live with myself if something happened to that kid. I love him like my son. You're all my sons." Ted drawls, "Thank you, Arthur Miller." Brian starts to laugh, but stops on a sharp look from Debbie. Ted says that New York's a pretty big place: "How are we supposed to find him?" "We"? Emmett replies that Daphne said that he'd be in Chelsea. Actually, Marilyn said that, but I'll let that one pass. Brian says that he's not going. Mike offers to go with him. Ted says that as long as the back seat's empty, he might as well tag along. Emmett agrees to go, too. Okay, but if you all go, there's no room for Justin on the way back. You can't just tie him to the hood of the car. Brian asks why they want to go at all, and Emmett and Ted BS about supporting Brian in his time of need. Brian wants the real reason, and T&E start chanting, "Road trip! Road trip!" Brian rolls his eyes.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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