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Outside, Justin says that Michael is lucky that his Mom is so supportive, because his mother would kill him if she found out he was gay. Michael says that it gives Debbie a purpose: "If I wasn't gay, she'd probably be playing bingo instead of organizing Pride marches and handing out condoms." Hah! Justin asks Michael if Brian's such a jerk, why Michael is always following him around. Michael protests that he doesn't follow Brian around, that they're best friends: "No questions, no obligations. We accept each other for who we are!" Which is bullshit. Justin opines, "You're just waiting for him to finish jerking you off." That would have been my guess, too. Michael's done with him, and flaps Justin off, "Go on, chicken! Go home to your coop!" "Chicken" because Justin's young. I know you've forgotten already.

Debbie's done at the diner, and joins Michael on the curb. She asks about Justin and is told he went home. "That's okay. He was too young for you, anyway." I gotta hand it the writers -- you'd think it would be more difficult to type with your FISTS. Michael rolls his eyes, and walks Debbie home.

Back in Lindsay and Melanie's bedroom, Lindsay's breastfeeding in a rocking chair, while Melanie sits on the bed, going over the invitation list for Gus's bris. Melanie gazes at Lindsay and Gus and says that she never realized that breastfeeding was so beautiful. So...sexy. St. Lindsay puts the baby in his crib and climbs into bed with Melanie. Melanie proves that anything some little boy can do, she can do better. In any other soft-core porno this would be where the '70s pimp jazz pipes in, but apparently, on this program, there is no music when the lesbians make out. No Indigo Girls, no Ani DiFranco, nothing. And this scene only lasts about five seconds total, until Melanie pulls away and sighs, "Well, I guess that's all we can do for now." Gyp! They pull away from each other, and settle down to go to sleep. Lindsay says that thirty-four guests is a lot, but they probably won't all show up. Melanie hopes "that one guest in particular doesn't."

In his penthouse loft, the guest in question is surfing gay chat rooms.

Back to Melanie and Lindsay. St. Lindsay feels bad about what happened earlier, worried that Brian thinks that they want something bad to happen to him. Melanie says that the insurance policy is sensible, he said he'd help, and besides which, Lindsay did all the work, all Brian did was "show up at the hospital with his latest trick." Lindsay tells her that at least he showed up. Melanie sits up, snaps on the light and shrieks that she doesn't understand why Lindsay puts up with Brian's shit. I don't see why not -- she puts up with yours. St. Lindsay replies that she doesn't put up with Brian's shit -- she understands it: "He lives his life the way he wants, no regrets, no apologies, and I admire him for that." Which is just fine, as long as you stay out of the way, and giving birth to his child doesn't really accomplish that. Just my two cents. Melanie: "Well, you can put up with it, I don't have to." And for one blissful second, I thought she was going to get up and leave forever. But, no, she turns the light off, and goes to sleep instead. Lucky Lindsay.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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