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Okay, so Michael's shop is now filled with Justin's drawings. That boy works fast for a guy with a bum hand. Justin and Michael both want the Rage story to be different from any other comic book already out there. They want this one to have new stories. Rage has got to live in a gay world. He must have gay sex. He has to have lots of gay sex. This is obviously what a Cowlip storyboard meeting sounds like: "Okay, they're gay. Go with that." Michael says he was thinking about one storyline, but he doesn't know if it's stupid. Justin tells Michael that they're partners now, and that they need to trust each other to tell each other anything. Michael tells Justin he wanted Rage to save some kid's life after the kid gets bashed. Justin says he wanted to tell the story anyway, since nobody listens to him talk about his bashing. Justin says everybody pretends it didn't happen. Do they? Because I seem to remember Brian got "Gay of the Year" or whatever for it, and there were all kinds of protests and things. Justin says that this way, Rage can meet the love of his life. Michael says that Brian...I mean, "Rage" doesn't believe in love. "We'll let him think that," Justin says. And then they make out. They don't, but I'm just trying to put something into these drawn-out scenes. Michael pulls Justin's shirt over his head and sucks on his nipples. Justin scratches his fingers down Michael's back. His fingers dig into the flesh just above Michael's jeans and his thumbs hook into the beltloops. Justin exhales as Michael bites underneath Justin's earlobes. The sound of paper scratches on the wooden floor as the men grope for each other, pull themselves into each other, and take each other there, underneath the drawings of perfect men saving the world from the doom and pain that these two men know all too well. Come on, I've got to do something, here. I'll fall asleep otherwise.

Brian is on his back, smoking in a blue light as the music anvils over and over again, "My teenage sensation." Justin finally comes home late and tired. Brian says that Justin's late. Justin says it doesn't count if he was with Michael. He says that it felt like five minutes. They came up with amazing things, and it's like they share the same brain. Brian asks if Justin has it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. "Ha," Justin says as he takes off his pants. Brian asks what all of Justin's papers are. I can't imagine Brian would be interested for a second. Hey, Sunshine, where's all that schoolin' you were supposed to be doing now that you're not a stripper crackwhore? Justin says that it's all research that Michael wants Justin to do so he's in the comic book world. Brian says, "Come over here." Justin obeys, and crawls into bed with Brian. They start kissing. The phone rings. Brian answers. It's Michael asking for Justin. Brian tells Michael that it's four in the morning. "Creativity doesn't punch a time clock!" Michael shouts. "Oh, my God, that is so profound," Brian says. "Can you hold on while I write it down?" And for the first time in I don't know how long, I genuinely laugh at a joke they've intentionally written in the script. Brian gives Justin the phone. Michael has an idea for a chiropractor villain, but Brian takes the phone and hangs up on Michael. Justin says that was important. Brian says this is as well. They go back to kissing. Justin turns over so that Brian can kiss down his back. By the time he reaches Justin's ass, Justin is snoring. Poor Brian. The center of attention loses tonight. Maybe it's the blue light. It makes me sleepy, too.

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