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Demon's Lair. The Master has finally returned home, and Mike trots over to give him a big hug and kiss. Mike asks Demon how it went. Demon says that he convinced Hank not to quit the hockey team, and to see a therapist: "Mostly we just sat around, ate pizza, and watched ESPN." That sounds cool. I think I'm going to do that with Coop this weekend, and let him explain baseball to me. Again. Mike says that's the most important thing: "Not what you say or do; just being there." Which might explain their relationship, actually. Demon says that's why he has to go back. Really soon. For a long time. Mike gamely tries to be game about it. Mike asks about Demon's practice, and the house, and his friends, and, and, what about Mike?! Demon says that he could lease the house for a year, and get some other doctors to take his clients; his ex-wife has some doctor friends who could give him referrals. The only thing he hasn't figured out yet is what to do about Mike. Mike says that he understands that Demon's son comes first. Demon replies, "Well, it's not a race, Michael. There's no 'first.' You're as important to me as he is." There's something wrong with that, but I can't quite put my finger on it, and you know if I can't get a good rant on, it's just not worth it, so let's move on. Demon asks Mike to come with him. Enter Mike's patented wide-eyed stare.

Courtroom. Melanie and Vic are conferring with the D.A.; she's saying that the cop has lied before on three separate cases at his former post in Philadelphia. She hands the prosecutor three binders and continues that, in each instance, "he misconstrued, exaggerated, or in some cases completely lied in his police report, resulting in the judge calling a mistrial." Don't they usually fire your ass for that, no matter the case? The D.A. thumbs through one of the binders, while Mike and Debbie gush about what a good lawyer she is. Behind them, Emmett sighs, "Compared to her, I feel so ignorant. So useless." Ted: "You are." Snicker. Emmett narrows his eyes. Ted amends, "On the other hand, she doesn't have your height, or your ability to wear chartreuse in the daytime." Thank God, or else I might have to take her name away again. The D.A. tells MM, "This is all compelling, but why would he do this?" Um. Duh. Melanie explains, slowly, that the cop seems to have a problem with homosexuals: "Look, we can save the court a lot of time and money. My client's innocent." The D.A. asks Vic whether that's true. So, chalk up crime dramas as another TV genre that QaF thinks we never watch. Vic nods, "I may have done a lot of things [cough] in my life, but I never exposed myself or enticed that officer. I know I may not have much left. My health. My youth. My friends. But I still have my name. And I will fight to defend it." Vic and Emmett smile at each other. You know, during this entire scene, I kept expecting Madonna to burst into the room with a choir, and start belting out "Like a Prayer." "This hot young black man is innocent, your honor! And besides which, he's Jesus!" Yes, I'm quite aware of how wrong I am. Thanks for listening, anyway.

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