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On the other side of the table, Blake reminds Ted of his promise that they were only going to stay at the party a few minutes. Ted nods, and they start to say their goodbyes. In the middle of it, Demon suddenly stands up, hugs Vic, and leaves without saying a word to anyone else. Mike and Brian exchange a look, and Mike gets up to go after Demon, hugging Ted goodbye on the way. Lindsay, trying to be nice, asks Brian whether Kennedy and Collins will want him to start right away when he gets to New York. Melanie grins, "Those guys on Madison Avenue move fast." Justin adds, "So do the ones in Chelsea." Melanie grins, "Plenty of hearts to break in the big city." Lindsay warns him not to break them all at once. And to call every once in a while. Justin snorts, yeah, like that's going to happen. Brian snaps, "Why don't you all just shut the fuck up!" They're all like, ohhhkay. Brian grumps that he needs a cigarette, and drunkenly leaves the table.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Demon's putting on his coat to go. Brian stumbles to the other end of the bar as Mike walks up to Demon. Demon tells Mike that he's a very lucky man: "Everything you've got. Your friends and your family." Mike says that he knows. Demon says that if Mike decides to go, he'd be leaving a lot behind. Mike acknowledges that it's a huge decision. Demon says that he should take his time and think about it: "If you decide not to go, I'll be very upset. But I'll understand." Mike says that he's decided, already, and that he wants to go. Demon asks him whether he's sure, and Mike snorts, "No." They hug and kiss, and the Master is very, very happy. Brian watches, and then can't even summon the emotional energy to light his cigarette.

Wow. That was way better than I originally thought it was. Can I upgrade that to a B-, please? It doesn't get anything higher than that, because Charles Shultz is dead and shouldn't be writing for cable television. And, seriously, way to gloss over a human-rights issue. Next week is the "shocking" season finale. Crying, Justin and Daphne in prom gear, running, more crying. Can't wait. And I mean that.

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