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Liberty Diner. Ted and Blake walk in. Blake's looking at the want ads in the paper. Ted snarks, "If you see anything in there for an accountant that includes world travel and an unlimited expense account, let me know." Blake says that he still has to find a job for himself. There's a lot of stuff in there, but "they all want training. Experience. References. Who's going to hire a crystal freak?" Ted corrects him -- that's former crystal freak, thank you very much. Ted adds that Blake should give himself more credit; Blake says that he owes everything to Ted. They kiss. At a booth across the diner, Emmett rolls his eyes. Em, get over it.

Ted and Blake see The Boys and go over to join them. Brian drawls, "Ted Schmidt, happy at last. It's fucking unbelievable." Ted just can't keep the grin off his face and is like, yeah, who would have guessed, huh? Mike grins, "Can we keep the passion down to a minimum? I have a boyfriend out of town and no means for release." Foreshadowing! Justin walks up with a water pitcher, and points out the new waiter. Cut to a dumb-looking version of Ryan Phillippe, who's sort of pacing behind the counter. The camera holds on him long enough to make you think he might have anything to do with tonight's story, but keep dreaming. Brian sneers, "You call that hot?" Justin's like, uh, yeah. Brian shrugs that, at Justin's age, that's not too surprising. Mike snorts that, at Brian's age, Brian wouldn't go after Phillippe Guy? Brian shakes his head: "I've moved beyond that." Which is what most people say when a sure thing becomes not so sure, but whatever. The Boys snicker. Emmett asks since when Brian's standards got so "high," and Brian says it's since the night before, when he "did the hottest guy in days." Everyone on the planet rolls their eyes. Although I did crack up at "in days." Brian explains that his trick works for an ad agency in New York, and that he told Brian he's wasting his time in Pittsburgh. Adam told Brian that there's a job opening in his agency for which Brian would be perfect. Damn. I already used my best line for that. Mike asks whether he's serious. Justin, shocked: "So, if you get this job, you're leaving?" Brian: "Not 'if.' When." Uh huh. What I like most about this episode is QaF's brazen nerve in trying to pull a "look, Charlie Brown, here's a football" plot line four times in one season. In the first season! Where's the fire? I mean, there's plenty of sex; it's not it's not going to get cancelled. You think folks are checking back to see whether Justin's going to Dartmouth? Please.

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