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Later, Mike, Emmett, and Ted walk and talk about Brian's possible departure. Emmett asks whether they think Brian was serious. Mike replies that it's probably Brian overreacting to a compliment from some New York bigwig. Emmett notes that Brian did send his résumé, and Ted snorts that it's just going to end up at the bottom of some pile: "Mine always do." Poor Eeyore. Mike climbs on that bandwagon: "There's probably a thousand other guys clamoring for the same job." Ted nods, "He's never going to hear from them again." Gee, I guess a friend who's doing way better than you are doesn't need your confidence or faith in his abilities. Working for an ad agency in New York, isn't like, the ultimate career move for Brian, or anything. Thanks, guys. Ted's cell phone rings. It's Melanie. Ted basically asks her to hire Blake. MM gasps, "God, you are so in luck. One of our assistants just quit this morning. Blake could start right away!" Ted: "Really?" MM: "Of course not. What do you think, jobs are just falling off trees?" Ha! Ted frowns, "No need to get cunty, I just thought I'd ask!" Melanie backs off and says that Blake is a nice guy, and he did help Vic out, so she agrees to take him on as a temp for a couple of weeks, and then maybe they could hire him, or at the very least act as a referral. Ted thanks her, and adds, "And, uh, Mel? You're not really -- you know." Melanie grins, "I know. You are." I like her soo much better when she gets to leave the house.

Emmett walks down the alley behind Debbie's place. Vic's taking out the trash. Emmett offers him the box he's carrying, saying that it's a pecan pie. Emmett explains, "Well, whenever my mother used to visit someone, she always brought along a pecan pie. Of course, this one's from the supermarket. And she used to make her own." Vic doesn't care, and after nattering on about his mother some more, Emmett gets around to asking Vic what's going on with his court case. Vic says that he's planning to plead guilty. Emmett asks him not to. Vic snarls that it's none of Emmett's business, so maybe he should stay out of it. Emmett says that it is his business, because it could have happened to any of them. Vic replies that it didn't happen to any of "them," it happened to him. Emmett speaks for the universe and says that, by not fighting, Vic's letting TPTB know that they can keep getting away with shit like this. Vic reminds Emmett that he's sick. Emmett reminds Vic that he's also innocent. Vic snarls, "Who gives a shit? The cops? The D.A.?" Emmett was hoping Vic gave a shit, frankly. Vic doesn't: "I just want it over." But, I mean, how can you live with that? Now, granted, I come from a long line of people who refused to submit to an inferior education, and refused to sit at the back of the bus, and marched up and down the length of this great country of ours, and organized sit-ins, and then watched while their leaders got shot, and still protested some more, so now, no matter how much we get fucked over, it's well understood that we're entitled to basic civil rights, but still. The least Vic can do is fight, so that the least he can say is, "I fought for my innocence." No justice, no peace, baby -- for Vic or any of the rest of them. Emmett adds that Vic will be living out his days as a registered sex offender. Vic actually gets mad at Emmett for saying that out loud, where other people can hear him. Emmett replies that everyone's going to find out anyway. Vic grabs the pecan pie and snaps that he'll just have to learn to live with that, then. Emmett tries one more tactic; he stops Vic before he can stomp inside and says, "That's just what Mr. Pedigrove said." He then proceeds to tell some blatantly bullshit story about one of his high-school teachers in Mississippi. Seems that Mr. Pedigrove was accused of exposing himself to one of the other students, and he was innocent; the kid was just mad because Pedigrove flunked him. Vic's not believing it, and is all, oh, what happened -- was he beaten to death? Did he hang himself? Emmett says no; Mr. Pedigrove moved to another town to live with his spinster sister. There weren't any steps between, like an investigation, or a trial. Emmett wraps up his tale by saying, "When he died a few years later, they say that he put in his will that he didn't want his name put on his tombstone. Because it was worthless." Ooooh. Vic seems moved by this.

Brian's loft. Brian's packing, or hanging up clothes, or something. Wait, he couldn't be packing; he doesn't have anywhere to go yet. At any rate, Justin's watching, and implores, "You can't go. What are you going to do without me?" Give the universe a break, Justin. Brian snorts that somehow, he'll survive. He'll just have to find someone else to fuck when nothing better shows up. Justin bravely chokes out, "Doubt it." Brian tells Justin that he's sure the boy will be just fine: "You're going to do what you should have done a long time ago. You're going to meet some twinkie your own age." Justin snaps, "What do I want with some kid who doesn't know shit?!" Brian leaves the potential analogy alone and says that he needs to take a shower. Justin throws Brian's clothes around and tantrums, "Go. Go take a shower! Go to New York! Go to your new life! In a year -- probably not even that long -- you won't even remember my name. I'll just be that 'kid who wouldn't leave me alone, who thought he was in love with me.' If you fucking think of me at all." Ease up there, loser boy. Brian comes back into the room and replies that he won't think of Justin: "When I walk out that door, I don't plan on ever looking back. And I expect you to do the same." Justin starts to cry, and Brian pulls him close and gives him a hug.

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