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Debbie's. Vic demands that Melanie put him on the stand. Debbie does a one-eighty, and urges him to tell the truth. But what about his health? What about the stress? Wouldn't it have been more interesting if Debbie had stuck to her guns, worried about the stress affecting Vic's health, while he was all, "I'm going to fight this no matter how long it takes," and we got some actual conflict? Because as I understand it, this is actually a serious issue that affects the gay community, much like racial profiling does the black community. But the important thing is more shots of Gale Harold's ass, I guess. QaF knows where the money is. Melanie Marcus points out that it will still be Vic's word against the cop's, but that she'll see what she can find out. Vic says that it sounds like it's going to get expensive, but MM assures him that she's taking the case pro bono. Debbie replies, "'Bono'? Like Sonny Bono?" Sigh. ["Seriously. Debbie's never watched TV before?" -- Wing Chun] Mike explains that Melanie means that she's taking the case for free. Debbie's not having it, and insists that they'll pay. Melanie Marcus laughs and says okay, Debbie can pay her back by babysitting Gus. Debbie cheerfully says that they accept, and that Justin will even pitch in, too. Justin, sitting on the couch, is off in his own Brianless little world. He sort of looks around, and then tells Vic that he's glad Vic decided to fight. And then mopes upstairs. MM asks what's up, and Debbie tells her that Brian's moving to New York.

Justin's room. Mike opens the door, asking whether he may come in. After Justin invites him in, Mike reassures him that Brian's not moving to New York. Justin says that Brian's talking as though he is, and even flew up for an interview that morning. Ah. So that's where he was going. Mike says that there's no harm in taking a meeting, and "besides, I've known [Brian] a lot longer than you have. He may bitch and moan about Pittsburgh, but there's no way he'd stop being top dog to be one of the pack." Justin asks why Brian put his loft on the market, then. Mike didn't know that he had. Mike plops down on the bed next to Justin, stunned. Justin says that they should stop Brian. Mike snorts, yeah, that's likely. Justin protests that they can't just let him leave! Mike replies that they don't really have a choice: "Besides, everyone has the right to decide how they want to live their life [sic]. Look at you -- you decided to leave home, and I bet nothing could have changed your mind. It's the same way with Brian." Justin hangs his head, and then declares that he loves Brian. Mike's aware. But that's why Justin has to let him go. Justin snorts, "Just like that?" Justin doesn't get it. You see, if you love someone, you want what's going to make him (or her) happy. Is this a soapbox I see beneath my feet? You know, I don't rememer being such a preachy person before, but then again, I hadn't dealt with so many immature twits before I started recapping this show. Before that, it was just me looking in the mirror and going, "What the hell are you doing?" And then Justin actually tells Michael, to his face, "You must not care very much." Mike sighs, "I care more than you will ever know."

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