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Woody's. The Boys watch some guy walk past in slow motion, so that we can all get a good look. He's watching them, they're watching him, etc. Mike groans, "What my tongue could do to his nipples. If I was single, of course." The funny thing is, he was looking at Cruising Guy's ass when he said it. Ted laughs that he's right there with Mike, except that Ted likes his abs. Emmett sighs, "Well, I'd like to thank you boys for leaving me the most tender, delectable morsel. Now that Brian's out of the picture, I might actually stand a chance." I was about to say. Mike says it sounds like Em's not even going to miss Brian. Emmett shrugs, "Well, I certainly won't miss being told 'be gone' every time some hunk appears." Ted replies that he won't miss Brian's non-witty, non-snappy remarks about his age. Emmett has to add, "Although I did think that him referring to you as Dead Man Walking was kind of amusing." Hee. Mike adds, "Or knowing that you're always his plan B." Emmett's like, yeah, or sometimes C. They should tell Justin, so he knows it's not just him. Maybe he'll feel better. It's worth a shot. Ted pouts, "Or buying a shirt from the latest Calvin Klein collection, and no one notices because everyone's staring at Brian's bare chest." Thinking, My God, why won't that man do some ab work if he's going to wander around without a shirt on?! Emmett laughs that he's also not going to miss the way Brian never takes any shit from anyone. Ted nods, "Or how he tells you the truth about yourself, even if he is a tad harsh. Even though you should probably hear it anyway." It's not like you guys don't throw it back at him. I wonder who's going to break down and dissolve into tears first. Mike: "Or how he refuses to let you coast through your life. No, I'm not going to miss that one at all." Says Mr. Big Q Manager, so obviously Brian did a really good job there.

Meanwhile, the paragon of virtue in question is in his shower, wisely hiding his chest from the camera. He lets the water run over him for awhile. He shakes his head like a dog, just long enough for me to wonder, once again, why we're here; wonder some more; and then get up and get a cider and sit back down again. I know, this happens a lot. These gratuitous sex scenes are doing nothing for my liver, I gotta tell you. Once I get back to the couch, the camera's cut to Justin at Brian's computer. So, he just comes by and hangs out whenever, huh? How much you wanna bet he doesn't even call first? Justin shakes his head and mutters, "This is just sick. Really sick." Brian walks into the living room with a towel wrapped around his waist and smirks, "Are you looking at those hetero porn sites, again? I told you, they're going to warp your young mind." Ha. Ha. Ha. Justin says that it's not porn he's looking at, but rental prices on apartments in New York. Brian says that with his salary, he'll be able to afford three times that. Brian's cell phone rings. It's Adam. Adam's a little uncomfortable; he called to tell Brian that he didn't get the job. The company decided to promote some "twenty-five-year old hot shot" from within. Brian closes his eyes and manages to growl, "Don't worry. After reviewing all of my options, I decided to go with...someone else." Adam is relieved. He shrugs and tells Brian to give him a call the next time he's in New York. Brian's like, yeah, sure, whatever, and hangs up. Ouch. Falling behind in his career, falling behind in his sex life. And he hasn't even turned thirty, yet. Yikes.

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