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Sick, Sick, Sick

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Sick, Sick, Sick

Brian comes home to find that guilty Justin is trying to recreate his afternoon delight with his actual boyfriend. He's got a floor picnic complete with candles and things he bought with Brian's money. Brian -- who has spent all afternoon consoling his best friend who might be losing his lover -- isn't in the mood to get all romantic, since he's never in the mood to get romantic. Brian tells Justin that he doesn't eat fat or carbs after 7 PM. Justin asks him to be someone completely different just this once. Brian takes a bite and says that he wants to go to Babylon because he had a shitty day and wants to unwind. Justin says he's going to make Brian some cheese and crackers. "Cheese and crackers? I'm gonna cut it," Brian says. Is that a "cut the cheese" joke? I don't even get it if it's not. Justin asks if they can please stay home for one night: "Just the two of us." Brian says Justin's too young to settle down. He kisses Justin, who tells Brian that he's too old to fuck around. Well, that'll get him to stay put, won't it? Brian says he's going to Babylon, and it's up to Justin whether he goes with him: "It's your call." He kisses Justin a few times and leaves to get ready. It's not really Justin's call. Brian already made the call. It's just Justin's decision if he wants to end up alone tonight. It takes about thirty-five minutes for Justin to finish thinking a thought, turn around, snuff out the candles in the picnic and lower the anvil to the ground that reads, "FIN."

My boyfriend and I have very similar tastes. It's gotten to where I just assume that if I like something, he probably does, too. So I was amazed a month ago when I found out that he doesn't like my Basement Jaxx CD as much as I do. I love my Basement Jaxx CD. He told me that he's not really into "gay dance music." I said I didn't think of Basement Jaxx as gay dance music, but techno. He insisted it was gay dance music. I pointed out that a friend of ours loved it, but he's also the only person that I know who would watch Queer as Folk with me. My boyfriend asked if they played Basement Jaxx on Queer as Folk. I said they didn't, and that this was not gay dance music. "Like Deee-Lite!" I said, losing the argument with those final two words. And now, in front of me, Brian is getting fucked in a blue light to a Basement Jaxx song. And like, the entire song, just dancing around mocking me as Brian gets his dick sucked and some guy is chanting, "Eat the meat." They might as well just say, "Gay dance music! He's right and you're wrong. Why don't you ask him to slow dance to Cher?" They're playing like, the entire song. I got it! It's a kick-ass song, though. Go buy the Basement Jaxx album. Fucking rules. This is the longest baths scene ever. Anyway, Brian's pretty inspired by this "eat the meat" thing and laughs himself to orgasm.

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