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Sick, Sick, Sick

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Sick, Sick, Sick

So, Ben's totally better now because they're letting him wear civilian clothes and Michael's sitting in bed with him. Like they're John and Yoko in this private room full of flowers and gifts. The doctor tells Ben that he can go home tomorrow. Hey, put the gown back on, Ben. The doctor tells Ben to go on a drug holiday to give his body a rest for a few months. The doctor leaves, and Michael says this is good news. They kiss.

Ethan plays the violin for a very long time. Justin knocks on the door, but Ethan's still playing. Justin keeps knocking until Ethan curses for interrupting his really good part. He answers the door and is delighted to see Justin. He tells Justin he thought it was his neighbor. The door totally wasn't locked, so Justin could have just walked right in. It's not like Ethan looks through the peephole anyway. Justin says he came for his song. Ethan smiles and says, "Right. Right." Justin asks Ethan to play something "astonishingly romantic," of course. Ethan begins to play. Justin can't even sit still a full thirty seconds before he has to stand up and walk over to Ethan, who is standing on his bed with his shoes on. Soon both boys are standing on the bed with their shoes on (there's something kind of romantic about it, since you could only get away with this on a futon or a hotel bed). Ethan has to stop playing or Justin's gonna get slammed in the jaw with a bow. They stare at each other. They lean towars each other. Boom! TiVo cuts off this episode. Aw, man. Look, Showtime needs to tell the cable company that it's not a forty-five-minute show on Sundays. Now I have to re-TiVo to see the last minute, and I don't want the recap to wait. So, here's what I imagine happens:

Ethan and Justin keep leaning towards each other and fall into each other. They kiss and kiss. The flop on the bed, Ethan's violin snaps under the weight of them in a strangled musical pop that fills the room with a sound not unlike a heart breaking.

Elsewhere Brian is naked on the floor beside Justin's picnic, waiting for him to come home. He's even brought a flower for Justin, which he'll fuck him with later, but for now he'll pretend to be the romantic boyfriend.

Debbie and Vic go out for a nice dinner and have a great time. A very cute man asks Vic to dance.

Ben and Michael fall asleep after watching a bad horror movie, not once talking about Tibet.

Mel and Lindsay hear Gus say his first word: "Neglect."

Next week I don't know, but I'm hoping Ted makes an apology to everyone everywhere and Emmett gets his money back.

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