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Sick, Sick, Sick

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Sick, Sick, Sick

Hospital room. Hee. Ben's all passed out, oxygen mask over his face, and the first thing Michael says is, "Ben, you okay?" like Ben just choked on some rice or something. The doctor walks in. This is the most poorly lit hospital room I've ever seen. "What's wrong with him, doctor?" Michael asks. I'm shocked he didn't answer, "He has AIDS, Mr. Novotny." The doctor says that Ben has acute pancreatitis, and I can't believe Michael doesn't make a "I knew he was cute, but this is ridiculous!" joke. The doctor says this is probably because of Ben's meds. "He appears to have had a near fatal reaction," the doctor says, like this is Michael's fault. Michael asks if Ben's going to be okay. The doctor says that it all depends. He starts to leave, and Michael asks how long it'll be before they know. "Next couple of days are going to be critical," the doctor says. They'll monitor him and keep him off his meds. The doc walks out full of bedside manner. Michael asks if he can stay the night. The doctor asks if he's family. Michael takes forever to say, "I'm his lover." Duh-dun-DUHHH! The doctor says that Michael can stay. Can we get someone to install some overhead fluorescents in that hospital? Someone's likely to take the wrong medication because they can't read a chart.

Even though nobody gave a shit when Pickle died, and hardly anyone comes around to visit Vic and see if he needs anything, nor does anybody ever help to babysit or take care of InvisiGus, the entire world (busy Brian included) has rallied around the support of Ben. Wait. That's not right. They're here to support Michael. Ben, apparently, has absolutely nobody in his life. But Debbie's not here, of course, because she's too busy being self-righteous. Emmett wants to do something for Michael, but everything is being taken care of by somebody else. He has to throw a fucking tantrum about how he wants to do something. How about finding another way to pay off that mortgage? Ted makes some mention to the effect that Mel and Lindz have a lot going on at their house. Lindsay practically screams, "Who told you about the three-way?" before Ted adds that he knows they've got renovations going on. Justin says he'll look after the comic-book shop, since Emmett knows nothing about comics, and Justin has no job or real schoolwork or anything. Ted already packed an overnight bag. Brian says that Ben won't want flowers since he's unconscious. Brian tells Emmett to boil water. "He's not pregnant," Mel says. "I want some coffee," Brian says. Okay, that was pretty good. Michael shows up, and everyone asks if he's feeling better. Oh, wait, I keep forgetting it's not Michael who's sick, since everybody's at his house doing things for him instead of offering to help out Ben, Ben's house, Ben's job, or Ben's family. I'm so stupid sometimes. Lindsay notes that Michael looks exhausted. Thanks for helping, Lindz. Everyone gets to adlib a line, and none of them is appropriate. Asking about what doctors said, fevers are going, how Ben's feeling. Michael walks to his bedroom. Em tells him to sit down so he can make him some coffee. Michael says he doesn't have time because he needs to pack some things. But Ted already did that. Oh, you mean you need to talk to Brian alone in your bedroom? Okay, that I understand. Good thing Justin does, too.

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