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Sick, Sick, Sick

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Sick, Sick, Sick

Head Boss whispers conspiratorially to Brian that the Outback Steakhouse people arrived this morning from Louisville. "On a bus?" Brian asks. Don't you mean "trailer" or "house?" Just saying "bus" isn't funny. And what time is it? Anyway, it's time for Brian's ad pitch to the steak people. Just as the meeting's about to begin, Brian gets a phone call on his cell phone. Brian answers it, for some reason I don't understand. The steakman asks if they can get this meeting going. How long have they been waiting? "Sit there. Don't move," Brian says to the person on the phone. He hangs up. Brian tells Big Boss that he's got to go, and gives him about a Sunshine's worth of explanation as to why he's just bailing on this meeting. He tells Big Boss to buy the Okies some steak. Fire him!

As Michael's business falls into the shitter, Justin sits at Ethan's apartment on the floor with a table of wine and cheese. Isn't it morning? What's going on? Where's the cat? What day is it? Ethan's blabbing on about how he comes from a long line of perfection and that he's got the most romantic history known to tertiary characters. And I don't know all that much about Judaism, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to say an impressed "Holy shit!" when someone tells you that his grandfather served time in a concentration camp. Justin's totally not listening, by the way. He's just licking his lips, trying to get Ethan to take off his pants. "No matter how shitty things get, I always have art," Justin says. He's not much of a wordsmith, is he? Justin then gets all serious, looks down, and says, "I've never told anyone that before." I can't believe anything this kid says because he always talks like he's seven and he's Gavin and he's about to ask if he can paint my chair. ["Hee. Justin's in the middle of a big bike race!" -- Wing Chun] Ethan teases that Justin should have told his incredibly successful hot boyfriend some of Justin's secrets. Justin pours himself more wine and asks if Ethan has a boyfriend. Ethan says there was a guy, and Ethan was crazy about him. They were together for about a year, but the guy liked to go to the clubs, party, bring guys home; it was exciting for a while. Then Ethan realized it's not what he wants. Justin asks what Ethan wants. Ethan reads page 67 out of last week's script under the character title "JUSTIN": "I want to be with somebody who only wants to be with me. Who doesn't need to see other people or be in the scene every night. I want to be with somebody I can have a picnic on the floor with and tell things to that I've never told anybody." Well, where's he going to find that?

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