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Brian, Brian, Brian, Oy, Oy, Oy

At the Taylor Manse, Craig walks into Justin's room. Okay, there's a poster of a naked man on the back of the bedroom door, so Welcome to the World. Craig apprehensively peers into the room, and then walks in. The camera pans around; usual teenage stuff, other than a wall-long collage made up of magazine cut-outs of various parts of men on the wall. It kind of jars against the American flag stuck on the art-deco desk, but I guess Justin hasn't really had time to focus on interior design yet. Cut to: Brian and Justin having sex on Brian's bed. And I mean SEX: nose to the mattress, totally naked, grinding, groaning, moaning, artistically lit sex. Cut back to Justin's dad, going through Justin's drawers, and finding gay/gay porn magazines. Cut back to the overly graphic sex, which is making me blush deeply. Cut to Justin's dad, and you can, like, hear the sex moaning through all his shots. Craig finds Justin's sketchbook, and stops in horror at three pages of penis studies. "Penis studies." That sounds weird. You know what I mean. Let me just get through this before I run screaming away from the keyboard, okay? Cut back to Brian and Justin finally coming. Cut back to Craig, distraught. Cut back to me, just happy that it's finally over.

Mike and Emmett's. Mike's getting dressed as there's a knock at the door. Emmett's all excited, running to answer it: "He's here! Prince Charrrmiiinnnng!!!" Nope. It's Brian. Emmett amends, "Hmmmm, more like the Wicked Witch." Brian ignores him, and demands that Mike go with him to get something to eat. Mike reminds him that he and David are having dinner with Debbie and Vic, because he honestly thinks that Brian forgot. Brian slouches into a chair. In front of him, on the table, is a pastry box. Inside the pastry box are éclairs. Mike's telling him that he picked those up for dinner tonight, as Brian's halfway through stuffing a whole one in his mouth. What an asshole. Emmett sneers, disgusted, "Wow. It takes a long time to develop technique like that." Mike's pissed. He knows that Brian doesn't like Dave; Brian says that's not necessarily true, and why does Mike care what Brian thinks, anyway? Mike says the same thing he's been saying for three episodes: "Just because he thinks I'm hot or something --" Brian replies the same thing that he always replies: "You are hot. I've been telling you that for years." Then he does the same thing he always does after he says that, which is kiss Mike. Mikey? Hi, this is Coincidence calling. This is the most action you've gotten from Brian in fifteen years. Think something might be up? Mike just looks confused. Two plus two, man. It doesn't equal red. There's another knock at the door, and Brian beats Emmett to the door. It's David, who's not happy to see Brian there. Brian makes a snarky comment; Doc Dave ignores him and says hello to Emmett. David's carrying a big bouquet of wildflowers, which he hands to Mike. Mike thinks they're for his mother, but they're for him. Now Mike's confused and terrified. Emmett, smiling sweetly, takes the flowers from him, and just in case we need to be reminded, whispers, "The second sign. Flowers," and offers to put them in water. David asks Mike if everything's all right. Brian, blocking the doorway, drawls, "He's allergic to boyfriends bringing bouquets." What an unadulterated prick sore. David glares at Brian while trying to get Mike out the door. Brian hands Mike the pastry box as they walk out.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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