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Brian, Brian, Brian, Oy, Oy, Oy

Meanwhile, at the Taylor Manse, Jennifer and Craig confront Justin in the kitchen. Justin yells at his mom that she broke her promise to him, and he's right, he's right, he's right. Ugh. It's like, the woman can only have good parenting skills for a minute a week. Jennifer says that she knows, but when she saw him with Brian -- saw Brian kissing him -- she knew that it wasn't right for Justin to be having sex with this man. So, she brought in Craig for what? Moral support? Let's see how that's working out: sitting at the kitchen table, as far away from his wife and son as he can get and still be in the same room, Craig looks like's going to have an aneurysm. Good luck with that. Jennifer continues, "And even though you may think that you love him, I am sure...that he doesn't love you." Justin, shaking his head, replies, "That's not true." Craig screeches that Justin's a minor, and it's illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor. Jenny adds that they don't blame him, that they understand that Brian enticed him, or whatever. Justin snaps that he wasn't "enticed": Justin wanted Brian. Craig, pulling his hair in frustration, tells Justin that he's too young to know what he wants. I hope I don't have to hear this lame-ass argument again, because it's really irritating. Justin isn't too young to know what he wants. Justin's too young to understand the consequeneces of getting what he wants. There's a difference. Jenny reminds Craig that he promised to be calm. Craig thinks he is being calm, so apparently the drama gene is dominant on both sides of the family. "What about AIDS?!" Craig screams, hands thrown to the heavens. I start giggling uncontrollably. Justin replies, "He wore a condom," grinning, "I put it on him myself." Craig shrieks in disgust, and says that he's calling the police. My uncontrolled giggling turns into hot-faced laughter. Jenny stops him; does he want everyone to find out what's going on? Craig's amazed that she would want "this child molester to go free!" Justin snaps that Brian didn't molest him, and Justin isn't a child. He's half right. Justin: "I love him. More than anything else in my life. All I want is to be with him." Justin, Justin, Justin. Craig says that he doesn't ever want to hear Justin say that again, and forbids Justin from seeing Brian. Justin says that he'll see Brian if he wants to, and they can't stop him. And he calmly leaves the room, leaving his father calling after him in impotent fury.

Debbie's place. Debbie, Uncle Vic, Michael, and Dave are eating the aforementioned dinner. Debbie tries to force more spaghetti on Dave. Dave says he's full. Debbie says that with a body like his, he can afford the extra carbs, and she feels his biceps. "I always did like a hard body. Like mother, like son," she cackles. "Like Uncle," Vic adds. Like recapper. Mike groans, "Next you'll be asking what type of car he drives and how much he makes." David laughs, but Debbie and Vic look at him expectantly. Dave coughs. "I drive a Jag," he replies. "And I'm comfortable." Vic tells Mike that if he doesn't marry the good doctor, Vic will. Mike and Dave uncomfortably decide to eat more pasta. Debbie glows that it's just like Lady and the Tramp, Mike's favorite movie when he was a kid. Debbie describes the famous scene in Lady and the Tramp, when Tramp takes Lady to the Italian restaurant, and they end up chewing on the same strand of spaghetti until they're kissing. And then, Dr. Dave, being cute, pulls out a piece of spaghetti, and he and Mike demonstrate. So cheesy, I covered my eyes, embarrassed for them all. Afterwards, Dave and Mike gaze deeply into each other's eyes. Mike has an odd deer-caught-in-headlights look on his face. Dr. Dave looks like he's concentrating on being gay. Vic swats Debbie on the shoulder, and they beat it out of the kitchen. Mike and Dave stare at each other for another beat, until Mike asks Dave if he wants to see his old room. Heck, yeah! He and Dave run upstairs.

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