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Brian, Brian, Brian, Oy, Oy, Oy

Just then, Mike throws open the door, Dr. SoNotGay behind him. Mike whines that he thought that Brian was really hurt. Brian says he was. Dr. Dave says that Mike insisted that they come back. Brian says he told him not to. Dr. Dave rages out the door. "Don't go after him, Mikey," Brian tells him. "Don't ever go after anyone." Except you, of course. What a shit. Melanie walks around Brian and Mike and catches David at the elevator. Melanie apologizes for Brian's behavior, because she knows how it is. David says, "I should turn, walk away, and never look back." Melanie tells him that that's certainly an option, unless "Michael's worth fighting for, which is what you're going to have to do." Okay, soapbox time: Brian is an asshole, but he is not Dave's problem. Mike is Dave's problem. And if Michael is unwilling or unable to see his reaction to Brian's manipulations as a problem, then that's the problem. And why be with someone that you have to fight for? Why pick someone who can't see that you're worth being with? People exist whose priorities aren't quite as fucked up as Michael's. Plus, I'm not buying this whole Sad Melanie thing. Lindsay loves her, obviously. Why, I'm not always sure, but she does. I'm not seeing how much fighting Melanie feels she had to do. I have serious issues about this crap. Okay, I'm off the soapbox. Dr. Dave asks what it is about Brian Kinney, anyway. Sure he's hot, he's charming, but so are a lot of guys. Melanie gives him the line about Brian doing whatever he wants, when he wants, with no apologies or regrets. "In other words, he doesn't give a shit," Dr. Dave replies, pulling the elevator door down. Exactly. Fun, huh?

Babylon! I can't ever just write "Babylon," it has to be "Babylon!" Like, "Fosse!" Brian and Mike sniff a popper together on the dance floor, just like old times. Cut to Dr. Dave, sliding through the crowd, wearing a sleeveless denim shirt and tight jeans. He looks too good, and the patrons agree, but very much like a straight guy trying to dress like he's gay. I just can't let it go. Dave wraps his muscled arms around Brian and Mike and sniffs the popper, too. "Is there some room on your dance card for me?" he asks. Mike says, "Sure," relieved that David's not mad, but he gets dissed. "Not you," Dr. Dave snaps back, and then grabs Brian's hand: "You." Mike looks like a kicked puppy, as all his insecurities come crashing down. Brian, because he's an uncompromising dickhead, calls back, "Why Doc, I thought you'd never ask." He and David take the dance floor. David can dance. Brian still can't. Doesn't mean David's gay, because he really, really isn't. My gaydar was honed on the streets of West Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, people. I know what I know.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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