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When they get to his house, David invites Mike to come in and have a drink. Mike half-heartedly chuckles, boy, that was some party, and David agrees, "It had its moments." Mike snorts, "Like when you punched him!" David says that Brian deserved it; Mike replies that he deserved worse than that. David says that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Mike puts a hand on David's shoulder and tells him that he missed him, but David's not too sure about that. Mike says it's true, and then kisses him. But he has to stand on his tiptoes, in his sneakers, in order to do it, which is pretty funny. David pushes him away: "I'm not sure what's happening right now." Mike says that he wants to take David up on his offer to live together, and David shakes his head: "I'm not a consolation prize." Oh, stop it; everyone knows you've got a raging gay yang for the boy! You're going to take him back, either way! Mike assures David that he's "first prize." David asks him if he's sure, and Mike sighs, "I'm thirty. It's time I settled down and took on some responsibility." David snarks, "Now you're making me sound like life insurance." Yeah -- "I'm thirty! You look pretty good! Whaddaya say?" Mike replies, "Well, in a way, you are. Do you still love me? Because, I love you." He and David kiss, this time for real. And they even, like, open their mouths and stuff. I have to admit, it was pretty cool. Then again, I am halfway through the beer I found at the bottom of my fridge, so you might want to take that with a grain of salt.

Next morning, back at the loft, Brian walks into the living room and finds Debbie picking up Mike's presents. Justin's passed out on the bed -- fully clothed, so don't start -- and Debbie calls out to him to wake up because they have to get to work. Justin yawns, stretches, and sighs, "I don't feel sick. Margaritas are definitely my drink." Brian yells at him to get up, and Justin scampers into the bathroom. Brian swigs out of a bottle of scotch and sheepishly offers Debbie some coffee, which she declines. Hands on hips, she tells him, "Christ, I was pissed at you last night. Everybody was. But right in the middle of my cussing you out, I finally figured it out. You can't do anything quietly, can you? Everything's got to be a spectacle, a drama." You know, I just noticed something. These people soapbox a lot. Talk and talk and talk. Intone. Surmise. Delve. Reveal. I know. I'm slow. Anyway, Debbie continues: "You couldn't have pushed him softly. You had to shove him off a fucking cliff." Brian says that he had to: "Otherwise, he would have followed me around forever." Debbie agrees with him. She calls Justin again, who tells her that he's brushing his teeth. Debbie asks Brian, "You loaned him your toothbrush?" Brian drawls, "I have a supply." Um. Duh. Back on topic, Brian says that it was the only way. Debbie says that David is good for Michael, reaching the end of Brian's good will, as he mumbles, "That won't last." Debbie says it may not, but they should give it a try. Brian asks how Mike is doing, and Debbie says he's trying to figure out why Brian would betray him. "But he doesn't realize that it's the best thing that could ever happen. That you did him a favor. That maybe now he can finally have a chance to have a life." Gag. Justin walks out of the bedroom and says that he's ready to go, which is good, because I was about to OD on schmaltz. Debbie hugs and kisses Brian, and tells him to take care. Brian looks just about dead around the eyes.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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