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Later, Ted and Emmett walk across a leaf-strewn park. Ted tells Emmett that they have to get their stories straight for Michael when they take him to his party: "I don't trust you to think on the spot." Emmett frowns, "You're so negative." Ted grins, "Funny you should say that." Another awkward segue? He couldn't have just said, "Hey, guess what? I tested negative." And they could have gone on with the rest of the scene? But, nooo. Emmett hugs and kisses him in relief, and then drags Ted over to a bench so he can show off what he got for Michael. It's an Easy-Cake Oven! Emmett: "Every gay boy wanted an Easy-Cake Oven." Ted: "Uh huh." Emmett: "You didn't want an Easy-Cake Oven?" Ted: "Uh uh." Well, I sure did. I'm totally jealous, man. ["I guess they couldn't get the rights to the real name, Easy-Bake Oven.™ I almost bought myself one last year, but then realized I have a...you know, oven." -- Wing Chun] Ted asks Emmett if the clinic called him, and Emmett checks his messages to see. Medic Guy -- his name is Steve, by the way -- did call, and left a message for Emmett to call him as soon as possible. Ted's sure that it's not bad news. Emmett's not: "Everybody knows that when they tell you to come in, it means something's wrong." Emmett really starts to freak out when he realizes that it's Friday, and that he has to wait until Monday to find out. Ted tries to calm him down, but when Emmett bursts into tears, Ted murmurs, "Okay, this is good, too."

David's house. In the pouring rain, Brian smoke a cigarette under his umbrella, and leans against his Jeep, parked in David's driveway. David comes jogging up the street and Brian drawls, "Hey, Doc. You got all sweaty without me." Shut up, Brian. David says that he went for a jog. Which is why you were jogging up the street, right? Brian smirks, "Yeah, I know how hard it is to stay in shape after a certain age." Pain in the ass. David grits, "Look, I know you wouldn't come all the way out here just to insult me, and we're not battling it out over Michael's attention, anymore -- you won -- so what do you want?" Brian says that David didn't RSVP to Mike's surprise party. David thought that the invitation was a joke. Brian cocks his head and asks why it would be a joke. David points out -- and rightly so, I might add -- that neither he nor Michael would feel too comfortable if he were to show up. Brian says that David's always welcome at his pad. Give it up, Brian. David turns him down. Brian gives it one more shot: "Come on, you're not going to give up that easily, are you?" David says that he didn't give up; it was Michael's decision. Yeah, it was Michael's decision not to move in with you; it wasn't his decision to break up with you, you control freak. He wasn't ready. Give the poor schmuck a minute. Brian says that Michael doesn't always know what's best for him. David snorts, "No shit." Mind you, they're talking about a grown man, capable of making, and living with, his own choices. Brian calls after David's swiftly departing back, "So, you'll come by around nine?" David ignores him. I know I have some blood-pressure medication around here, somewhere.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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