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The Demon's Lair. Mike quietly enters the living room, and finds Demon on the floor, organizing CDs. Demon sees Mike and snaps that he was worried about him. Mike says that the Demon could have called. His master says he tried, but that Mike's cell phone was off. Mike asks the Demon what he's doing, and the Hellspawn explains, adding, "And before that, I did DVDs, I did the books, I did the medicine cabinet, I did stemware -- where the fuck where you?" Uh huh. Before you did all that, you should have called Melanie Marcus and let her impart some lessons about humility. I hate his guts. It's simple -- if you're doing something that, if your partner was doing it, would upset you, then don't do it! Saves you a lot of trouble in the long run. Mike: "Out." Worst possible answer. I have never loved him more. Demon asks if he was with The Boys or at the movies. Mike says that he was with someone. His master closes his eyes in horror. Mike explains about Really Hot Guy. Demon tells him that he doesn't need to hear all the details. The hell he doesn't. Mike says that they went back to Really Hot Guy's place, and he was giving Mike a blow job: "I suddenly realized that I didn't want my dick in his mouth. So, I told him to stop. And I left, and I came home." Demon asks why he told Really Hot Guy to stop, and Michael shrugs, "Because it didn't mean anything. It was just sex. And with us, it's always been more than that." Demon promises that he won't go to the baths anymore. Michael laughs that he doesn't want Demon to promise: "It might not be a promise you can keep. And the same thing goes for me; I can't promise you that someday something won't happen." How convenient. Back on the bus to Least Resistance, y'all. Easier than trying. Mike adds, "We're guys, and guys slip up. All we can do is be realistic about it, and realize that it doesn't mean that we don't love each other." Demon sighs, hands him a couple of CDs, and asks, "Wanna help me get things back in order?" I'm distracted by a loud crash, as Symbolism knocks over my new floor lamp.

Camper: Dammit, I told you not to wear those boxing gloves in the house!
Symbolism: Sorry about that. I can pay you back for...oh, wait. Damn (hee hee!) -- now where's my wallet?

Justin's room. Justin prints out his acceptance letter to Dartmouth, with Queen playing in the background. It's, like, two sentences, no return address, so, yay, research team! Justin looks it over, and then looks up and sees his jeans jacket hanging on the door. He looks down at the letter again, and then grabs a notebook, flips the letter over, and starts drawing a sketch of the jacket on the back of the letter. So, wait, is Justin going to Dartmouth, or not?

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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