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Ted's looking around at the upper balcony and stops short when he sees Blake, he of the overdose-induced coma. Ted says that he hasn't seen Blake in a while. Emmett drawls that all good things must come to an end. Ted mutters that Blake's still cute. Emmett: "You say that about all the boys who put you in a coma." Ted's all shifty and drooped over and Eeyore-like. Blake spots Ted and gleefully runs down the stairs. He's obviously on about twelve different types of drugs. Blake joyfully asks Ted how he his. Ted nervously answers that he's okay, thanks. Blake whispers in his ear, "You are so sexy." Ted remembers hearing that line before. Emmett and Mike hover nearby. Blake asks Ted to dance, and all of a sudden a hand comes out of nowhere and pushes Blake away in this sort of weird, stop-action, time warp kind of way. Emmett appears between Ted and the twinkie, and snaps, "No, thanks." Blake -- still chipper, but sweating like a racehorse -- asks who he is. Ted politely introduces them. Emmett monotones, "I've heard so much about you." Emmett's head does this weird fast-action shake thing straight out of Freakylinks. Blake offers Emmett some gum, which just cracks me up. Emmett tries to burn a hole into Blake's forehead with his eyes. Blake's too busy being fascinated with the gum in his mouth to notice. People on drugs are fun-ny. Ted hunches up some more and tries to back away. Blake, out of nowhere, asks Ted if he's hot, and moves forward. Emmett pushes him back again. Blake forcefully asks Ted to dance with him. Emmett pushes him back again. Blake looks up at Emmett like a hurt puppy as Ted turns him down. Ted's head does the Freakylinks thing. Blake backs away, insisting that he'll see Ted later. Emmett shakes his head, "That's one total tweaked-out twinkie...Hollow eyes, twenty-two-inch waist, inability to hold a conversation. He's either a crystal queen or a supermodel."

A bit further off, Brian puts on his coat and tells Justin and Mike that he's leaving. Justin asks where he's going, and Brian replies, "Home to say my prayers." Shyeah, I'd love to hear that conversation with God. Brian asks Mike why he's not home with his Master, and Mike replies that the Demon is at a business dinner. Justin tells Brian to hang on and that he'll come with him, but Brian's like, nope, not tonight, babe, and walks off before Justin can say another word. Burn! Justin asks Mike where Brian's going, and Mike just smirks.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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