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Liberty Diner. Mike and the Demon are at the bar. Demon asks Michael, "Have I told you lately how hot you look?" Mike says that he has, actually, "but it always bears repeating." The Demon repeats it. Slime-sucker. He and Mike are about to kiss when Brian interrupts them. And pushes Mike over so he can sit right between them. And orders soda water with lemon. And then says, "You know, after strenuous activity, what you need is plenty of fluids." Ha! Demon has the nerve to look insulted, as if his infidelity were something that was done to him. Demon thanks him for the health tip and tries not to sweat too much. Brian smirks, "Any time." Brian digs the knife in a little deeper: "Speaking of exertion, Michael tells me you two had quite a night last night. Mike's like, Brian! Demon monotones that they certainly did. Brian grins, "So did I." Mike snorts, "Well, I don't think that [Demon!] wants to hear about your trip to --" Brian cuts him off, "You're right, you're right. He probably wouldn't approve." Demon sits there and looks guilty. Brian asks Demon what he's been up to lately. Demon mutters, "Not much. The usual." Brian follows up, "Michael told me you had dinner with some client." Demon confirms that that is correct. You lie! Brian snorts that it all sounds boring, although he had a client once: "Meat and potatoes, wife and kids. Turned out he was gay. Not only was he gay, but he wanted to fuck me." Demon: "Imagine that." I think Brian's talking about that Telson fellow who tried to blackmail Brian into sleeping with him. Same director, same writer. Not that anyone's having any ego issues in the House of QaF or anything. Brian: "What can I say? There's a lot of duplicitous people in the world." Demon glares at him. Mikey doesn't have a clue what's going on.

Outside the diner, Brian walks out and finds Demon on the curb. Demon babbles, "God, I hate the cold. I always thought I could live in some place warm like La Jolla, Santa Barbara...business would be good there, too. But I'm still here." Unfortunately. Don't stay on my account. Brian replies, "Maybe you're deceiving yourself into thinking you want something you really don't." Demon says, "I want Michael. I love Michael. What you saw last night has nothing to do with that." Perhaps. you'd turn two types of blue if Michael did the same thing. This from the man who broke up with Mike because he didn't want just a boyfriend, he wanted a "partner." This from a man who went ballistic at the mere mention of Brian's name, and the two of them had barely touched each other. Oooh, I hate Dr. Demon. Brian's like, whatever, "If you want to go to the bathhouse and get your rocks off, I say do it. As long as you don't hurt him." Demon says that he doesn't intend to. That would be because he never intended for Mike to find out. And then he has the nerve to ask Brian, "Do you?" Mike wanders up all cute and puppy-like and asks if either of them want a bite of the cake slice that he's holding. Demon slings an arm around his neck and leads him away.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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