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Ted's Not Dead

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Ted's Not Dead

Liberty Diner. Mike smiles as he watches Debbie behind the counter. Aww, so sweet. Debbie finally sees him, waves joyfully, and walks over, asking him why he's smiling at her. Mikey's all sentimental, telling her it's that thing she does when she rubs her nose, kind of like a sleepy five-year-old. Debbie knows what's up: "People wake up from comas, sweetheart." Mike's still not too sure, even when Debbie reminds him that his Uncle Vic was in a coma for ten days, "and I was sure that I'd lost him. And I couldn't even tell our mother because she didn't know it was AIDS" -- yeah, yeah, all you people who guessed "AIDS" get nothing, because, seriously, how obvious was that? -- "and I wanted to hear all about the tunnel, and the white light, and did Aunt Theresa get to heaven, and the first words out of his mouth: did I miss the Golden Globes?" Hah! Good thing he didn't miss the Oscars -- he probably would have gone right back into a coma. Debbie asks about Ted, Mike says there's been no change, but he's going back to the hospital later. Debbie kisses him, crying, and packs up some food for him to take to Ted's mom. Turkey meatloaf and lemon bars. That sounds great. And there's a diner down the street. But, aw man, it's snowing, and I can't drive in the snow. I gotta learn how to cook. ["Dude, now I want lemon bars and I just had pizza an hour ago." -- Wing Chun]

Justin and his mom are in the car. Mrs. Taylor tells him he's a good driver. Justin thanks her. No, he doesn't, because he's still Justin. Instead he shoots back, "Better than you." Awww. Hugs! Why James Van Der Beek isn't suing, I'll never know. Somehow this turns into a nice moment between the two, Justin's mom pointing out that it's been a long time since she's heard him laugh, Justin telling her that she should let him have the car, and she can just get another one. Okay, maybe not that nice. His mom laughs anyway, saying that she was twenty before she had her own car. And yes, don't scroll down, this is getting somewhere. She was twenty, and had just hooked up with her first serious boyfriend, who was a great kisser. "He could have been your father," she says. Justin: "That's stupid; then I wouldn't be me." Well, why do you think she brought it up? Justin's mom drifts off, "I learned from him what a real kiss was." Justin gags as his mom laughs. And then the bombshell: "Do you have a boyfriend, Justin?" Dude, not while he's driving the car! Are you trying to get you both killed? Justin's in shock, with the close zoom-in and the flash of bright light (what the hell is that, anyway?) to prove it. He's still driving pretty well, though -- I would have run into a ditch by now. Okay, and his mom is being really nice, too, as she tells him that he can talk to her, and she won't tell his father. Justin says he doesn't have a boyfriend. And he doesn't, even though he thinks he does, so he's not really lying, even though he actually is. His mom asks him who Brian is. Justin's shocked squared. He pulls the car over, jumps out, slams the door, and runs down the street at a breakneck pace, leaving his mom in the car. Wow, those tryouts for Junior Drama Queen of America are tough.

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