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Ted's Not Dead

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Ted's Not Dead

Once Brian's gone, St. L. tells Melanie that she had no right to talk to Brian like that. Melanie justifies it because Ted's in a coma, and he's looking for Brian to "show the decency, the kindness to release him." Which isn't a tough choice to make, or anything, and there I am defending Brian again. God, I hate this woman. Lindsay says that since Brian is the one who has to make the decision, that's even more reason to be kind to him. What if it were one of them, and the other had to make the call? Pull the plug on Melanie? If Lindsay didn't want to do it, I'd volunteer; she wouldn't have to find Madonna. Then, as always, Lindsay turns around and justifies Melanie's behavior by saying that maybe she yelled at Brian because she would be as scared and angry as he is, if she were in his position. Like Melanie doesn't act that way all the damn time. They touch foreheads, sharing a nice lesbian moment. I'm still waiting for one clue why Lindsay is with this shrew. One. Possibly they haven't gotten there, yet. I'll give it two more episodes. Fair warning.

Meanwhile, at the Friendly Neighborhood Sex Club, hot naked gay men make out. Brian walks in, grabs some guy and starts kissing him. Another guy joins in, then another, pulling up Brian's clothes, practically devouring him. There's moaning, there's kissing, and then all of a sudden, Brian pushes them all away. He puts his dark sunglasses back on and strolls right out again. Brian Kinney turns down fast, anonymous sex. First the smiling, and now this. And there's not even a full moon. Wow, he must really be upset, huh?

At Daphne's house, Justin is freaking out. His mom knows! Justin decides he's got to find Brian. Daphne, who can smell a contrived excuse as well as I can, asks him why. Justin says that Brian will know what to do. About what? Your mom knows you're gay. She apparently doesn't have a problem with it. I mean, there wasn't even yelling or threats of disowning involved. My mother had a worse reaction when I changed my hairstyle. Daphne, getting to the heart of the matter: "Like he cares." Word. Justin, replies, knowingly, "He wants me." Shut up, Justin. Daphne, instead of telling Justin he's a blithering idiot, asks him, politely, how he can tell. Justin: "Because I can. I'm going to live with him. I'm going to be with him. You'll see." Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe Justin's completely sober. He says she has to help him, Daphne tells him that she's grounded because she stayed out so late on Saturday. Daphne: "My mom said she'd better come home and find me reading Toni Morrison." Rent the movie instead. God, no, what am I saying? Buy the Cliff Notes. Justin gives her the "I'm a poor helpless little gay boy whose parents don't understand him, and I wasn't ready to come out yet, and it's no fun if I can't sneak around, please help MEEEE!!" look, which she buys, because she, too, is seventeen, and has no perspective and a deep need for drama. Daphne agrees to drive him to Brian's: "You do beat Beloved." ["He so does not, but whatever." -- Wing Chun] In the war between live drama and literary drama, live drama always wins. Here endeth the lesson.

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