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Nobody Loves Brian...

Cut to an overhead shot of Brian in bed. Brian maintains a bored expression as another head peeks out of the covers -- it's Comic Clerk Boy, complete with blue baseball cap. Brian, barely looking at him, takes off his hat, puts it on his own head, and pushes Comic Clerk Boy back down under the covers. Brian stares over at a shelf across from the bed. Guess what's on it? Justin's sketch of Brian. Brian bought it himself. Brian's got enough self-love to make up for everybody. Brian gives a self-satisfied grin as the camera pans up to the ceiling and out.

Okay, I actually gave this one a B+. Plot good, dialogue not as bad as usual, mad props for character development. Thank God they got Melanie out of the Happy Fun House; she's much nicer to everyone, and she's forced to keep her voice down. I was disappointed in Ted's behavior, but it's a new spin on his character, and not entirely unexpected. Brian desperately trying to keep Michael's attention was a hoot, but dude, CHRIS POTTER IS SO NOT GAY!

Next on Queer as Folk: Jennifer not only tells her husband that Justin's gay, but he's also seeing "a man." Justin tells his dad that he loves Brian. His Dad tells him to shut up. Brian, in the meantime, is still trying to break Mike and Dave up. How many times does Brian have to kiss Mike before Mike realizes something odd is going on? Dr. Dave gets between Mike and Brian on the dance floor, but this time it's Brian he's interested in boogie-ing with. At school, Chris Hobbes tells Justin, "You really are a queer," proving that sometimes an eye-roll is the only thing that will do. Justin denies it, anyway. Justin's dad yells that he's putting a stop to all this gay nonsense, then slaps Justin into next week. Chris Hobbes knocks Justin against the lockers, and another student has to hold Justin back from kicking Chris's hypocritical ass. Justin tells his father that it doesn't matter what he does: "I'll still be your queer son." Brian's car gets jacked up, and unfortunately for Brian, he's in it at the time.

See y'all next week, for a very special episode of...Queer as Folk.

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