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Nobody Loves Brian...

At the GLC, Daphne and Justin frame Justin's sketches, while a Young Lesbian hangs her own paintings nearby. Daphne admires the Young Lesbian's work; the Young Lesbian admires their bracelets. See, I'm not Justin's only critic. Daphne nervously tells her that the bracelets are "just for friendship. He's not my boyfriend, or anything." The Young Lesbian figured as much. Justin's shocked that she can tell he's gay. The Young Lesbian replies, "Well, you're here, aren't you?" plus, Dear God, the girl has eyes, doesn't she?! The Young Lesbian asks Daphne if she wants to go get a soda with her, and Daphne agrees. Justin pulls Daphne aside and points out that the Young Lesbian thinks that Daphne is also a Young Lesbian. Daphne shrugs, "Can't I be one of the cool people, too?" Justin sighs back, "You're a freak." Daphne giggles adorably in self-amusement, and scampers off.

Lindsay walks up and once again admires Justin's work. It's like they have to keep on telling us it's good, so that we'll believe it, too. ["Remember when everyone would always do that to Donna on 90210, too? You know, 'Donna's so smart/beautiful/talented/whatever. I never bought it." -- Wing Chun] I just keep looking at the Rockwell print I have on my wall. Thanks, but no thanks. Lindsay offers to give him a recommendation if he ever wants to go to art school. We're going to hear how talented Justin is about ten more times, so buckle up. Justin asks Lindsay if he thinks Brian will show up for the show. Lindsay tells him not to expect too much from Brian. "What's too much?" Justin asks. St. L. smiles sweetly and replies, "Anything at all." At Justin's fallen face, she continues, "You'll have lots of interesting relationships, Justin, with lots of other interesting people. I know you don't believe that right now, but it's true." Justin claims that he just wants Brian to see his picture framed. Of course you do. And maybe he'll be so excited by it, he'll take you home and have sex with you again. Here's hoping!

Later, on Liberty Avenue, Mike and Dr. Dave walk to Woody's. Mike asks Dave if he's sure he wants to do this. Dr. SoNotGay says sure: "It'll give me a look at your world. See what I'm saving you from." Little does he know.

Once they're inside, Dave says that it's just like he remembered: "Even the guys are the same." I've started noticing that phenomenon at all the bars I go to, too, and it's very sad. Mike asks David why he stopped going out; Dave says that he got tired of it, and besides, he met someone. Long story short, they were together six years until Dave's lover died of unexplained causes. Emmett startles them out of this sad moment by literally jumping between the two of them, arms held high like a gymnast. Dave is startled, but amused. Emmett's wearing a leopard-print shirt and black jeans. This is the dimmest I've ever seen him, but he looks great. Mike asks where Ted is, and is told that he's "hanging out with the Pillsbury Doughboy." Oh, please. Not unless Ted and Roger are hanging out with the crew from Cage & Fish tonight. Emmett introduces himself to Dr. Dave, and then tries to get a free adjustment from him. Not happening. Emmett shrugs it off as "worth a shot," and then bounces off to go hit on a Matthew McConaughey lookalike on the other side of the bar. Yeah, better get to him before Brian shows up. Dr. Dave laughs that "he certainly doesn't hold anything back." Mike says that Emmett was toning it down. Maybe that explains the shirt. Mike and Dave find an empty booth and sit.

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