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The Art Of Desperation

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Nobody Loves Brian...

I couldn't stop laughing through this whole next scene. Lindsay and Gus are at Brian's, watching him -- with a terrible case of bed-head and a hangover to match -- haphazardly pour cereal into two bowls. Lindsay looks like she's about to crack up, too. Brian tells her that he's not going to the art show. Lindsay says that she promised Justin that Brian would be there. Brian tells her to stop making promises that he can't keep. Yeah, seriously, knock it off. Lindsay frowns, "Don't be a shit!" She's just trying to clean up the mess Brian left behind. Like I said, good intentions, bad execution. Brian points out that Justin is the one chasing him, not the other way around. Lindsay: "Tell it to the Judge." Judge can't do anything, Justin's legal. I'm still trying to accept it, myself. Brian says she's starting to sound like his other lesbian. St. L. tries another tactic: It's time for Brian to become part of the gay community. Good thing he wasn't eating when she said that. Just 'cause he's gay, he sneers, doesn't mean he's part of any "community." Brian's a rock, people. Brian's an island. Lindsay says that they all need to take care of each other. Brian's answer to that is pretty standard, too. He grabs a pot of coffee, pours a whole bowl of sugar into it, and drinks it straight from the pot. "Fuck groups!" he exclaims, walking to the window. Lindsay and I thought he did. Brian replies, "Occasionally. But it's by invitation only."

The exhibition. Roger plays piano in the middle of the room. Daphne, wearing a hot pink sweater over a blue shirt, a hot pink terry-cloth skirt, blue socks, black flats, and a cute hot pink head scarf -- I think I had that same outfit back in 1987 -- finds Justin and tells him that his pictures are on sale for a hundred dollars apiece. Unfortunately, the money's going to charity. Oh, well. Justin's looking over Daphne's shoulder the whole time they're talking, until Daphne tells him to knock it off, she knows he's looking for Brian.

Ted and Emmett lean on the piano as Roger plays. Ted remarks that Roger plays beautifully; Emmett is less than thrilled. Ted's dressed like a normal human being. Emmett, on the other hand, is wearing a tight beige v-neck sweater over an oversized white button-down shirt, tight brown stripy slacks, and a black scarf with big brown dots on it. It sounds all right, but it just looks BAD. Emmett asks Ted if he and Roger have had sex yet. No, they haven't, but they will, when it feels like it's the right thing to do. Emmett: "Sex is never the right thing to do! Feeding the poor is the right thing to do. Hiring the handicapped is the right thing to do! Donating blood is the right thing to do." Okay, okay, Ted gets the point.

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