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The Art Of Desperation

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Nobody Loves Brian...

Brian's Lesbians have found Justin and Daphne. Lindsay tells him that everyone loves his pictures (see, I told you Justin's art would be this episode's hammer), while Melanie points out some cute guys in the corner. I'd feel better about Melanie if I knew she was helping Justin more than she was trying to screw over Brian, but at least she's doing something positive. Justin's not trying to hear any of it. And then Brian walks in, in full slo-mo. Looks jaw-dropping good, in all black. Gale Harold's hot, and I still hate him for it. Justin's all wiggly, "He's here!" Melanie rolls her eyes, "Oh, goody." See what I mean? Lindsay walks over to Brian and gives him a hug, thanking him for coming. "Whatever," Brian drawls, looking around to see who else will pay him some attention. He spots Dave and Mike and snarks to Lindsay, "Where's the back room?" stomping off before Mike and Dr. SoNotGay approach. Mike looks disturbed by this, but introduces the Dave to Lindsay. Debbie, holding Gus, waves to Michael. Okay, she wins: she's wearing orange-red leggings -- oh, man -- and a purple sequined top with a silver butterfly pattern. Mike ignores his mom and quickly directs Dr. Dave over to the vagina sculptures.

Brian finds Justin, who pretends that he hasn't been tracking Brian around the gallery. Brian calls him "the famous artiste." Because the mallet missed a spot. Justin, practically bouncing up and down with excitement, asks him if he's seen the sketches, and points them out: "Over there. Just in case you're interested." "Over there" is right past Mike and Dave. Dave leaves Mike to go get a drink; Brian brushes off Justin to go talk to Mike. Mike's snickering at Brian's picture, "I think the artist has taken some liberties." Brian says it looks just like him. Mike says "it" was never that long. Brian says that Mike hasn't seen it in awhile, and Mike snorts, "I haven't seen Gone With the Wind in a long time, either, but I know it's still three and a half hours." Couldn't have said it better myself. Nice try, Brian.

Melanie and Dave watch Mike and Brian from the buffet table. Melanie snorts, "Brian and Michael, blah, blah, blah. Stuck in perpetual reruns." Like a perfect stranger really cares. Dave is bemused, and asks, "Was he always like that, Michael running after him?" Melanie, warming to her subject: "It's the greatest love story never told, trust me...long after you're gone, Brian will still have Michael, his little acolyte, poor guy. But don't worry, Michael can wait forever; Brian will never fuck him. Pardon my French." SoNotGay's having a hard time swallowing. His drink, I mean.

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Queer as Folk U.S.




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