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Ted can't believe that Emmett gets to take a trip around the world. They might be gone for six months. Even a year. Ted says that a trip like that isn't just a vacation, it's a life experience. Ben says he'd love to go to China or Japan. Tibet for meditation. Ted wants to go to Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague. Debbie rushes in and says that you don't have to leave Liberty Avenue for international cuisine. She drops off French toast, Belgian waffle, and a Spanish omelette. In fact, she's brought everybody's food except Ben's. She snaps at Ben in an incredibly rude tone. Michael says he's sick of the way Debbie treats Ben. She never brings his food with the rest of their food, even when Ben orders cold cereal. Michael gets up to talk to his mom.

Michael asks why Debbie's treating Ben that way. She says she doesn't have to hop to just because he orders food. Michael says she never talks to him unless she has to, and that she's never friendly. Debbie says she's too busy to be chatting with Ben over tea about current events. She excuses herself back to work. Where's Sunshine? Doesn't he need money?

Oh, Sunshine's sleeping. The alarm is going off; the clock says it's nine. Brian shuts it off and wishes Justin a good morning. Brian's already dressed for work. He says he thought Justin had a class. Justin says he ditched it. Brian asks how Justin's supposed to be doing his best work when he's up all night "fucking around." Justin says he learned it from Brian. He says he's not fucking around, he's working. Brian said he saw Justin working on a line of coke. Justin brags that he made $410 in one night. Brian says that Justin won't have to worry about tuition money once they kick him out of school. Justin says that Brian's reminding him of Justin's father. Brian tells Justin to fuck off. Brian starts the alarm clock up again. He takes the blanket off Justin's body. I don't buy for a second that Justin sleeps in clothing. And why does the alarm clock sound like a bomb's about to go off? Justin covers his head with a pillow as Brian leaves.

Debbie's happily chalking some specials on the chalkboard, popping her gum and smiling. Officer DumpsterBoy enters. Debbie asks him if there's a break in the case. There's not. Nobody really cares anymore, do they? He says he came to the diner for lunch...and to ask Debbie out on a date. Debbie thinks he's joking and smacks her gum. He says they could go out for a fancy coffee. She says she pours enough coffee at work that she doesn't need a "mocha frappulatte." He asks her out to dinner. She turns him down. He asks if she means tomorrow or never. She shrugs another "no thanks." What the fuck's his name? Howrath? Anyway, as he turns to leave, she offers him a lemon bar for the road. Then it's his turn to say, "No thanks." Debbie is shocked that she had an entire conversation without one cuss word or mention of sucking cock. Well, I'm shocked, anyway. She should be.

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